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Night Shift by Joanna Angel – Erotic Choose Your Own Adventure Book Review

Review of Night Shift by Joanna Angel, by Kitten Boheme

Raise your hand if you were super obsessed with the ‘Choose Your Own Adventure’ books in elementary school. You can’t see it, but I am totally raising my hand right now. I was legit obsessed with those books, and so was almost everyone else in my school. It was always a mad dash to the small handful of ‘Choose Your Own Adventure’ books that our school library had on hand, we couldn’t get enough of those stories! As I got older though (in body, but not in spirit) it seemed like these reader driven stories started to disappear… was it a fad that just died out or was I just not looking in the right place? Who knows… but you can imagine the burst of excitement I had when I learned that not only was one of my favorite adult film people writing a book but that she was also writing it in the style of a frickin’ choose your own adventure story for adults! Holy hot damn!

Erotic Choose Your Own Adventure Book Night Shift by Joanna Angel Review

What an absolutely genius  idea! I mean, I already love erotica stories but this format really takes the erotic story and steps it up a notch and creates something that is both sexy and interactive! What’s not to love about that?! Joanna Angel had created a truly beautiful thing with her book Night Shift. But as excited as I was… I was also just a little bit hesitant… my previous experience with porn star turned novel writer was with Sasha Gray and her book ‘Juliette Society’…. I don’t really want to get into that trash fire… but it was not good, it took me months (MONTHS I TELL YOU) to get through that book… it was a very hard read with a confusing premise that seemed to get lost about midway through the book… I’m sure there are people out there who loved it… but I was not a fan of the book. So, with ‘Juliette Society’ still painfully fresh in my mind, I was a bit cautious… I tried to keep my expectations low… so as to not be too disappointed when the book fell flat.

HAHAHA… boy was I wrong. Night Shift was a work of erotic art! Joanna Angel is a porn star with a true heart of pervy poet (also according to my google search, it turns out Joanna Angel has an English lit degree, so she probably knows what she is doing when it comes to the written word…). I loved this book! Sure, it took me a lot longer than I expected to review it, I was only able to read a page here and there during stolen moments of peace… but every time I was forced to put it down, I found myself thinking constantly about what might be coming next… what choices will I get to make in the pages to come… where will the story go… how will the story change if I back up and try something else. This book was a ton of fun! For the most part the story seems to offer a choice between two related scenes (for example… do you give a key to the masturbation booth to a gaggle of costumed girls, or to the handsome DJ you are currently speaking to) and after the scene is about half complete you are presented with an option to continue reading with the choice you have made or to go back and select the alternate path. I didn’t exactly feel like I was making any real meaningful character choice that was going to truly impact the story. rather it felt like I was  just jumping from one fantasy to the other… but it still reads well and is a lot of fun.

Erotic Choose Your Own Adventure Book Night Shift by Joanna Angel Review

Even though Joanna Angel is no stranger to all things sex, the character of Taryn is just a fledgling little pervert, so it is kind of fun to explore all the sexy scenarios present from the perspective of someone who is somewhat new to everything happening around them… I think it makes the book much less intimidating to a reader, who like Taryn, may be new to this world sex and kink! Night Shift also includes a diverse set of partner couplings, different body types, and of course sex toys… I also noted there were some plugs for Joanna Angel’s own work and what must be Joanna’s favorite toys… part of me wanted to be annoyed at what felt like advertisements in the middle of my story… but the other part of me was just really excited whenever something I actually knew about was mentioned…

If you are looking for a book with ‘strong male characters’ you will probably be disappointed (I mention this because I was chatting with someone else who was reading Night Shift around the same time I was and they were disappointed that there was no “strong Christian Grey type character”… gag me… we don’t need any of that poop here…). The male characters in Nigh Shift don’t actually seem to add a whole lot to the story (at least in my opinion) and their personalities really fell kind of flat… they just kind of existed in the book. In fact the book is almost all plot with very little character development… beyond Taryn, which personally, I think is just fine… I loved the strong female character we got in Taryn… she was perfect… I liked just being a fly on the wall in her new seedy sex world.

Erotic Choose Your Own Adventure Book Night Shift by Joanna Angel Review

Honestly, the whole book is fantastic! There are no bad choices to be made (trust me, I read this book cover to cover more than once and took every story path) and half the fun of the book is to go back and take an alternate path to see how the story changes. Definitely worth the read, weather you can read it cover to cover (to cover to cover…) in one sitting or you enjoy it a few pages at a time during your stolen moments. If you are looking for a fun and sexy read, I can definitely recommend Night Shift by Joanna Angel!

This book gets a 10/10 in my book!

– Kitten Boheme

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Thanks to Pleasure Panel reviewer Kitten Boheme for this review of the Erotic Choose Your Own Adventure Book Night Shift by Joanna Angel.

Erotic Choose Your Own Adventure Book Night Shift by Joanna Angel Review

Erotic Choose Your Own Adventure Book Night Shift by Joanna Angel Review
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Erotic Choose Your Own Adventure Book Night Shift by Joanna Angel Review

Erotic Choose Your Own Adventure Book Night Shift by Joanna Angel Review

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