Nexus Titus Prostate Massager (White) – Pleasure Panel Review

7 out of 10

Nexus Titus Prostate Massager (White) Review

By Pleasure Panel reviewer Lightweight Toucan

The Nexus Titus Prostate Massager looks beautiful. As the box says, it’s anatomically correct, it’s covered in ridges, and it’s just great to look at. But looks aren’t enough… does its performance match its beauty?

Nexus Titus Prostate Massager March 2016 Pleasure Panel Review Nexus Titus Prostate Massager March 2016 Pleasure Panel Review

The box fully shows the toy, and is very well presented. I love simple designs, as sometimes a very showy box builds up an anticipation that the toy may fail to meet. A simple, clear design gives me no indication of how a toy will perform, so neither of us harbour hopes that may be dashed.

This massager has a rolling ball-bearing, for stimulating the perineum, or to you and I, the soft, sensitive part between testes and anus.

The handle is curved for easy gripping, even with just one finger, I felt in control of the toy.


This ball did its job, and to my partner, it felt sensually fulfilling. The shaft is slightly longer than my middle finger, wider in the centre, tapering out to a curved, almost egg shaped head, designed to press and caress the prostate.

The fit of it, so to speak, was great. It fit perfectly inside my hubby and it felt good as long as we didn’t move it in and out, but felt incredible just gently rocked back and forth, moving the ball-bearing along the perineum.

The one downside was the rigidity of the massager. It’s made from polypropylene plastic. A little give would have made this toy an instant win, but with its total lack of pliability, it was somewhat uncomfortable for my parter and I to play with. Moving it in and out of my partner was a no go, as the toy felt too hard and caused minor discomfort. We all know that jelly toys are no use for anal play, but I’m afraid that this one was far too hard.


7/10 –  All in all, we’re still impressed by the shaping even though it wasn’t great for mutual play or for regular play. This one is an “I’m in the mood for that one” toy.

Pros: amazing shape, good value and ingenious idea about the ball-bearing.

Cons: Too rigid.

– Lightweight Toucan

Thanks to Pleasure Panel reviewer Lightweight Toucan for this review of the Nexus Titus Prostate Massager (White) (£45)

This prostate massager was sent free of charge, in exchange for a fair and honest review by the Pleasure Panel, by Nexus Generation. Thank you! 🙂

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