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Nexus Sparta Prostate Massager Review

By Pleasure Panel reviewer Echo Reviews




Right, now I’ve got that off my chest, I’d like to introduce the Nexus Sparta Prostate Massager; a sex toy that actually massages the prostate, well at least that’s the idea anyway. The Nexus Sparta doesn’t vibrate, instead it has a motor that moves a small part of the shaft in an up and down milking motion. I’ve had my eye on the Nexus Sparta for a long time now because of this innovative function. But as with a lot of things in life, having high hopes can be the kiss of death for a toy, and I’m afraid the Nexus Sparta didn’t manage to meet my high expectations.

Nexus Sparta Prostate Massager March 2016 Pleasure Panel Review

The packaging is simple, sleek and black, which echoes the style of the Nexus Sparta Prostate Massager nicely. The Nexus Sparta itself feels luxurious, the silicone is silky smooth and I love the design. It’s not overly fussy but it just looks like it’s up to the job. Simple shaft, that manages to hide that all important mechanical movement without being bulky, no obvious neck shape just three small ridges that sit at your entrance. The base is simple with a thick finger loop and a single button for operation. There are two small magnetic connections for charging, making the whole unit waterproof too!

The milking motion is situated on the front of the shaft when you have the toy head on. It should in theory rest on your prostate however depending on where yours sits it may overshoot the mark or fall short. The actual moving part is quite pin point, slightly smaller than my finger tip, about pea size, and it only moves up and down by about two centimetres.

You turn the motion on with the button on the base of the Nexus Sparta Prostate Massager and then push it again to cycle through the three speeds and two patterns. If you’ve ever owned a rotating toy you’ll probably recognise the fairly loud noise the motor makes. Somewhere between blender and electric toothbrush. It’s certainly not the toy to use if you have people in the room next to you that you don’t want coming in to ‘investigate the racket’.

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Insertion isn’t hugely difficult, they have done a really good job of designing the Nexus Sparta so the tip is still tapered despite the mechanical components inside. I wouldn’t call it ‘beginner friendly’, it certainly would not fit in my ass, but an intermediate user probably would find this fairly easy to take.

Despite being a solid toy the Nexus Sparta Prostate Massager wasn’t uncomfortable at all, in fact once the head was in all he wanted was more, compliments to the sculpting, it effortlessly found its spot and was also very easy to tug and pull putting more pressure on exactly where he wanted it thanks to the ring. Unfortunately this is where I hoped turning it on would have been the clincher (so to speak) but he was immediately disappointed by the lack of movement. We both thought the stroking motion was going to be more prominent and pleasurable, however this went nearly unnoticed leaving us wondering if we had done something wrong. When clenching tightly around the toy he could feel the small motion but this wasn’t a comfortable position to hold and the motion itself did nothing for him.

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I was so confused and disappointed with his reaction to the Nexus Sparta Prostate Massager that I carried it off to the bathroom, gave it a good clean, and inserted it vaginally. I just wanted to feeeeeel that motion and see what the lack of fuss was about. But I couldn’t feel it, not really, even pushed against my g-spot the sensation was barely there. I could vaguely feel some movement, but it just didn’t feel like anything.

Cleaning the Nexus Sparta’s smooth seam-free body is simple task, made simpler still because the whole toy is submersible.

Nexus Sparta Prostate Massager Video

The Nexus Sparta Prostate Massager is now the most luxurious and expensive male-specific toy we own, and I think that really shows in every aspect. However the milking motion just didn’t live up to expectations, the sensation produced by it just wasn’t overly noticeable, in fact at points if it weren’t for the noisy motor we might have thought it was switched off. I’m really saddened by all this, as I had high hopes for a toy that could finger his prostate the way I do. For the price of the Sparta you should receive a toy that feels pleasurable and whilst I want so badly for the Sparta to be just that, it just… Isn’t.  🙁

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We would give it 6/10 as the Nexus Sparta Prostate Massager has so much potential, the style and design is gorgeous but that stroking function needs to be bigger and better because as it stands the sensation left both of us thoroughly underwhelmed.

– Echo Reviews

Thanks to Pleasure Panel reviewer Echo Reviews for this review of the Nexus Sparta Prostate Massager (£70)

This prostate massager was sent free of charge, in exchange for a fair and honest review by the Pleasure Panel, by Nexus Generation. Thank you! 🙂

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