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8 out of 10

Nexus Ridge Rider Prostate Massager Review

By Pleasure Panel reviewer Cheshire Kink

I was really excited to be chosen by Cara Sutra to test and review the Nexus Ridge Rider Prostate Massager.  I am a massive fan of prostate play and already own quite a few prostate massagers / toys and was really keen to get my hands on this and give it a go.

The Nexus Ridge Rider Prostate Massager comes in nicely designed packaging. The front has a large clear window so you can see the toy, its sizes and what you are paying for.  This is a good idea because if you were to walk into a shop and wanted to buy something and couldn’t see it properly you might open it and decide it might be too big or small depending on how experienced you are.  Another nice touch on the front of the packaging is the little “touch me” patch which enables you to feel the material and see the colour of the toy you are buying.  The rear of the packaging gives you a brief overview of the toy. Inside the packaging you will find the Nexus Ridge Rider, a battery for the massager and a multilingual instruction manual.  Yes we all know that it goes up your bum but the instruction manual is good for people who are new to anal sex toys and prostate massage.

I like that a battery has been included as it there is nothing worse than having to find a battery when a new toy arrives.

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My first impression was how nice the Nexus Ridge Rider Prostate Massager feels. It’s made from odourless and phthalate-free brushed silicone and feels lovely in my hands.  I also own a Nexus Glide Prostate Massager (which I love) [read Nexus Glide reviews at CaraSutra here] and have laid them side by side for a comparison.

The Nexus Glide is made from solid plastic and has no give, but the Nexus Ridge Rider has a nicer texture and has some give as it is made with silicone.  As you can see from the picture the Nexus Ridge Rider is larger than the Nexus Glide and so might not be suitable for beginners.  The shaft of the toy has 8 ribs and also some raised nodules for perineum stimulation.  The shaft is hollow and has a removable 5 speed vibrating inner core.  The core takes 1AAA battery that is supplied and is turned on by pressing the button and with each press the vibrations change to another setting.  The vibrations can be turned off by holding in the button.

I got myself some water based lube (safe for silicone) and decided to give the Nexus Ridge Rider a go.  The insertion went well as I’m experienced in anal play and the ribs felt nice as they went in.  I just leave my prostate toys in and so these ribs didn’t really add anything once it was inserted.  Others might prefer to move the toy in and out and so they would be beneficial for people who used the prostate massager that way.  Once it was inside it hit my prostate spot and made my penis twitch, and then when I clenched my anal muscles the sex toy moved slightly which in turn stimulated my prostate.  So far so good, as it pushed all my buttons.

I then decided to try the vibration function and this is where I found the toy a little disappointing.  On the first attempt I managed to catch the battery cover which fell off and the battery came out,. Maybe it would be better with a twist cover which would be more secure and less likely to come off.  After I replaced the battery it was time for attempt 2. The button to switch on the vibration settings could do with being slightly bigger as I have fat fingers and did struggle a little. I suppose the lube didn’t help.  Once I located the button I was able to cycle through the 5 settings quite easily.  The vibrating core only takes 1AAA battery and although I was impressed with the output it was a little on the weak side and did leave me wanting more. The saving grace was that 5 different settings meant I could mix it up. The perineum massage part of the toy didn’t really do much for me at all – I prefer the ball and direct pressure that the Nexus Glide offers.

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I enjoyed using this sex toy and will definitely use it again when I’m looking to stimulate my prostate.  The positives of this prostate massager for me are the feel and texture of brushed silicone and the fact that it sits well on my prostate.  The negatives are the fiddly button and the vibrations could do with being a little stronger so that they penetrate deeper internally.  I’m going to score the Nexus Ridge Rider Prostate Massager 7.5 / 10

– Cheshire Kink

Thanks to Pleasure Panel reviewer Cheshire Kink for this review of the Nexus Ridge Rider Prostate Massager (£55 – available in a choice of Black or Purple)

This prostate massager was sent free of charge, in exchange for a fair and honest review by the Pleasure Panel, by Nexus Generation. Thank you! 🙂

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