Nexus REVO 2 Prostate Massager Second Edition – Pleasure Panel Review

7 out of 10

Nexus REVO 2 Prostate Massager Second Edition

Pleasure Panel review by minnie

Wow! 3 Nexus prostate massagers to review in almost as many weeks! This time Cara Sutra asked me to test and review the Nexus REVO 2 Prostate Massager.

new RevO 2 Male rotating prostate massager vibrator review

It arrived neatly packaged in a black box with a black slide-off cover. Taking the lid off revealed it nestling in a moulded protective case.

This is a rechargeable, vibrating and rotating massager and first impression is that it’s quite bulky, due of course to the rechargeable battery, which will give 10 hours of uninterrupted pleasure, according to the blurb.

In fact the “business” end of the massager is not to large, about the same size as the previous 2 Nexus massagers. The bulk of it is on the T shaped  horns, which has the on / off control as well as nodules for stimulating the perineum.

It easy to charge, the USB charger clips easily in place, secured by a magnet.

Having given it a precautionary wash and applied lube, it slid in easily, though novices may find it a bit chunky at first.

As with the Excel and G-Rider, my cock began leaking even before trying the vibe and massage functions. I slowly scrolled through the various settings which are slow massage with or without 2 vibe settings and fast massage again with or without 2 vibe settings.

I enjoyed each setting with my cock continuing to dribble nicely! In fact when I scrolled from fast massage with intermittent vibe back to slow massage only a big dollop oozed out ~ very nice! TMI? Sorry.

Despite enjoying the different settings I don’t think they added to the effectiveness, compared to the Excel. I never felt I would orgasm, even if I left it in for the full 10 hour charge!

I am now a fan of the Nexus range but think I’m best suited to the Excel, which is the same basic shape without any bells or whistles. I’m sure others will enjoy the additional sensations on offer with the Revo2.

It did the job very nicely for me, being rechargeable and washable is a great bonus and I would give it 7 out of 10.


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This guest review has been undertaken by minnie, who is fast becoming my go-to sub for all things prostate-testing related. Thanks minnie!

Get your Nexus RevO 2 (second edition) from Nexus Range here for £120.

– Cara Sutra


  1. The vibrator on my Revo 2 stopped working within the warrantee period but my two email messages about this to the manufacturer remain unanswered.

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