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8 out of 10

Nexus Glide Prostate Massager (White) Review

By Pleasure Panel reviewer Echo Reviews

The Glide is a sex toy from the company Nexus who are renowned in the sex toy world for their range of prostate massagers. They claim they are suitable for beginners and advanced users alike. Now, I’m an anal novice and the Nexus Glide Prostate Massager would be a tad too much for me, but luckily my willing test subject ‘C’ has undergone some training in this area. Plus, he has the relevant parts (read: prostate).

Nexus Glide Prostate Massager March 2016 Pleasure Panel Review

The packaging is a simple plastic box that allows you to see the Nexus Glide Prostate Massager in all its oddly shaped glory. I don’t know why they constantly refer to it as a G-spot toy, I know some people call the prostate a ‘male g-spot’ but it’s far less confusing to just call it the P-spot like most other retailers do.

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When I took the Nexus Glide Prostate Massager out of its packaging I was shocked and well… Honestly? Mortified. I thought it would be made of silicone, or at least something flexible. But the Nexus Glide is solid plastic, I must have stood there in bug eyed horror staring at it for a good five minutes. How was such an intense and solid shape going to be comfortable… in his bum? Those ridges no longer looked fun and stimulating but instead hard and painful. On the part that rests upon the perineum there’s a small free moving ball and for the life of me I couldn’t work out exactly how that would be pleasurable. But the only flaw here is that I’m not a man, and as such I can neither fully understand nor experience for myself the full orgasmic potential of this kooky design.

However, once C had inserted it, his ear to ear grin gave the game away instantly. The Nexus Glide Prostate Massager was a winner.

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And because I can’t really tell you HOW the Nexus Glide Prostate Massager felt inside him, here’s his account of it:

“Due to the very rigid shape and structure there is little to no give. This makes it really easy to put the Nexus Glide Prostate Massager exactly where you want it. The size (girth) is also quite small compared to other anal toys I’ve tried and this makes putting it in really easy and very comfortable.

Unlike butt plugs the Nexus Glide Prostate Massager doesn’t have any sort of a neck ridge to keep it firmly in place. This was a concern to begin with however the actual shape of it and its external branches ensure that it stayed firmly in place. Equally it could be repositioned remarkably easily.

I also found, as with most other anal toys, at a certain point the Nexus Glide Prostate Massager found its own motion and in essence positioned itself. This leads me nicely on to the stainless steel ball bearing that’s mounted into one of the branches. This applied a variable pressure on the perineum and I was the master of my own pleasure when it came down to the amount of pressure applied. When clenched it was pulled in and when unclenched it was free to move with my body movements.

The beauty of the Nexus Glide Prostate Massager shape is that once you are in the moment, and flowing, it takes care of itself. The sensation is unreal and left me somewhat incapacitated.”

I can certainly vouch for his account. If we have sex with the Nexus Glide Prostate Massager inside him I have to take over and exert all the effort – because he just ends up mushy, incapable, and not really in this world. One thing I will add is that the Nexus Glide worked really well for us when I was on top and he was laid on his back. Then the ‘branch’ that comes outwards (behind him) was jiggled by the bed as we moved. However this branch also means that wearing it out of the house under clothing would be almost impossible. Or at least not very inconspicuous.

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I asked him plenty of times whilst he had the Nexus Glide Prostate Massager in what it felt like. Mostly because I still couldn’t get my head round why something with no vibration or other stimulating motor was becoming such a hit with him. The one word he kept coming back to though was, comfortable. Although you might not consider that high praise for a sex toy, the dopey blissed out smile on his face said the rest for him.

The Nexus Glide Prostate Massager is super simple to clean, although I do worry about the bacteria that could build up inside the plastic case where the moving ball is.

For the price, or even for a little extra the Nexus Glide Prostate Massager could have gone from comfortably pleasurable to mind-blowing prostate-gasm extraordinaire with the addition of some vibrations. Without them, this glorified butt-plug hits all the right spots but doesn’t have the brawn to make him orgasm without a helping hand. It still gets an 8/10 from us though.

– Echo Reviews

Thanks to Pleasure Panel reviewer Echo Reviews for this review of the Nexus Glide Prostate Massager (White) (£30). This sex toy is made from phthalate-free medical grade polypropylene. If you fancy a vibrating prostate massager in a similar shape, why not try the Nexus Vibro?

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This prostate massager was sent free of charge, in exchange for a fair and honest review by the Pleasure Panel, by Nexus Generation. Thank you! 🙂

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