Nexus Glide Prostate Massager (Pink) – Guest Review

8 out of 10

Guest review of the Nexus Glide Prostate Massager

by Pleasure Panel member Fbian

nexus glide prostate massager pink

OMG how excited was I to be chosen to supply a review of any sorts far less on a type if toy that I had never ever tried before.  My ass will never be the same again! Jeez.

pink nexus glide 3

It arrived on simple plastic bag — (see pic — no signs of make etc but on opening it proved to be a really well made little toy. No edges , lovely and smooth and superb little stainless steel roller bearing as in below picture – as a newbie and an engineer this intrigued me. 🙂

pink nexus glide 1

Made from a hard inflexible plastic/ Perspex type material. Totally odourless so I would say pretty inert and safe. I can’t imagine it having any “nasty chemicals ” in its makeup.

The following pictures show the toy beautifully. Overall length of 6.5 (16 cm) inches with 4 inches (10 cm) insertable.

pink nexus glide 5

pink nexus glide 4

“Head ” diameter around an inch

Max Girth about 1.25 inches ( 3 cm)

The final picture shows the very neat ribbed detail which I found to be very, very interesting!

pink nexus glide 2

And so to the insertion!

As I say this was all incredibly new to me so I wanted to share the experience with my Little, Sian.

Strangely (and maybe wrongly), whilst I have often fucked my girl’s ass which she adores, the most she has done with mine was a very fleeting finger coated with sexual lubricant on one occasion.

Things have now changed.

My tummy had butterflies. How do we try this? Hard cock, soft cock…? This was a dilemma.

Sian’s choice. She wanted to try it in my ass while I had a soft cock first.

“You’ll need plenty lube,” she said. I guessed she should know. *laughs*

A liberal squeeze of lube was duly administered by her.

Gently she eased my ass open a little with her finger.


“Stop being as wuss,” she replied. “It’s only my little finger!”

Oh. Fuck.

“Kneel up, and take it like a man.”

I knelt and tried to relax.  Then she pressed what felt like a huge ball against my ass, exerted a little pressure, and PLOP. In it slipped.

A bit uneasy, I thought nothing beyond “jeeeez…” but then she pressed again and thoughts changed to “Wow – what the fuck?!”

My ass spread and then tightened again, then those little ridges came into play.

Long story short: in a nutshell it felt amazing.

She was clearly rocking it forward and back and that explains the little ball bearing. From her point of view she said the handle fitted perfectly in her hand as she pressed the bulbous end gently against what I now know to be my prostate.

It felt superb. Sian has great touch and very talented hands too, which obviously helped.

During play she was also drawing the prostate massager in and out little by little. Those ridges massaging my tight sphincter… fuck. No words.

It felt as if I was orgasming, but my cock wasn’t even very hard. I was a bit frightened, yes – but hard? No. All I knew was this was bloody amazing.

Finally she fully withdrew the prostate massager, which brought a yell from me. Not in a bad way, however.

This is a breathtaking, simply designed but mind-blowing little sex toy. Beautifully smooth.

For me, the Nexus Glide prostate massager is a lovely shape and size (length and width), with bumps, lumps and fun details in exactly the right places.

As an engineer I truly love it’s simplicity, but mindful of the rollerball to allow very slick movement of the length inside me. All this whilst maintaining pressure on that lovely spot (perineum) between my ass and my balls.

Sian could have made me cum just with this little sex toy – but I have to admit I had other ideas!

In conclusion, from a very new guy in this ass play arena I loved it – and would thoroughly recommend it. No idea how expensive this little unit was but it’s certainly made me start looking around – although actually there’s lots to try with this one first in any case.

Thank you so much for letting me take part Cara, I hope this little report is useful.


– Fbian

Thanks to Pleasure Panel reviewer Fbian for this guest review of the Nexus Glide prostate massager in pink (£30). You can also buy prostate massagers from Lovehoney and an even more extensive collection at Uber Kinky.

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