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6 out of 10

Nexus Ace Large Remote Control Butt Plug Review

By Pleasure Panel reviewer Puspus

I was so happy to have the opportunity to review the Nexus Ace Large Remote Control Butt Plug for the Pleasure Panel, thank you Cara!

First Impressions

The packaging is sleek and modern, I like it.  The box isn´t necessarily discreet, because, let´s face it; there is a big butt plug stamped on the front. But the box does still act as great storage. I opened the box and the Nexus Ace Large Remote Control Butt Plug was lying in a mould made for it. Next to the Nexus Ace was it´s remote controller in it´s very own mould. Under the main level was the recharging cable and the instruction manual.

Nexus Ace Large Remote Control Butt Plug Review Pleasure Panel Puspus-2

Everything was packed neatly and easy to reach.
The silicone is smooth and soft, doesn´t collect lint all that much. The butt plug itself is very rigid, it doesn´t bend at all, I think it has a hard plastic structure with a silicone coating.

During Use

The first thing I thought when I saw the Nexus Ace Large Remote Control Butt Plug was, that is was big. Large was the size and yes, it delivered well in size. I honestly was a little intimidated by the size, but wanted to be brave and went towards the challenge. I charged the Nexus Ace and went for it.

I first just turned the Nexus Ace Large on from the bottom button. It started vibrating… it was pretty quiet, but I was a little underwhelmed by the vibrations. The vibrations were more buzzy and not that strong. I don´t know if my hopes were too high, but I expected rumbly and penetrating vibrations that would be strong… Well, I went through the settings and there where 3 strengths and some patterns, nothing too extreme.

I then went to the actual testing. I started by warming up with smaller toys, and had a couple of orgasms just to relax and become softer. I added a ton of water based lube on the Nexus Ace Large and even more on myself (with butt toys there is no such thing as too much lube). I turned the Ace on from the remote control and the toy and started the journey of getting the plug in my butt. I added steady pressure and got it half way in, but couldn´t get it fully in. I didn´t feel any pain, but it just didn´t go any further. I took it easy and slow and  didn´t give up. And finally after a long, steady, patient and loving warming up and trying I got the Nexus Ace Large in my butt.

Nexus Ace Large Remote Control Butt Plug Review Pleasure Panel Puspus-7

It felt big. It felt filling. And I could feel the vibrations a little, but not “through my body” just in my butt and it carried just slightly to my vagina. The ridges on the neck are quite subtle and give a slight extra stimulation, but nothing crazy. I can feel them when I move the Ace, but when it´s still I don´t really detect them.

The Nexus Ace Large itself didn´t give me an orgasm but it did enhance the experience. I couldn´t really fit a dildo in my vagina, because the butt plug took a good amount of space through the wall of the rectum. But I did have a good orgasm clitorally and the butt plug did add to the orgasm!

Nexus Ace Large Remote Control Butt Plug Review Pleasure Panel Puspus-3

Cleaning the Nexus Ace Large Remote Control Butt Plug is simple, I just washed it with hot water and soap. I obviously couldn´t boil it because of the electronics but I did get it clean easily.


It´s a good, big butt plug. The vibrations weren´t as rumbly and strong as I was anticipating, but they did add a little bit to the experience. I had to warm up a ton to get the Nexus Ace Large Remote Control Butt Plug in, which was nice that a large was really a large. The remote control was a nice extra, you could in theory use it in public, but I wasn´t that brave.

Nexus Ace Large Remote Control Butt Plug Review Pleasure Panel Puspus-4


+ Modern look (package and the toy and remote itself)
+ Remote control
+ Silicone
+ Large size


– Buzzy and weak vibrations
– Not boilable (but this is understandable)

– Puspus

Thanks to Pleasure Panel reviewer Puspus for this review of the Nexus Ace Large Remote Control Butt Plug (£70)

This vibrating butt plug was sent free of charge, in exchange for a fair and honest review by the Pleasure Panel, by Nexus Generation. Thank you! 🙂

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