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10 out of 10
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Never Say Never by Alison Tyler

Pleasure Panel review by G String

Straight away let me tell you I love this book, Never Say Never by Alison Tyler – although, I say “book” its more like two or three books rolled into one.


At the beginning of each chapter the author gives a really informative explanation of each different sexual activity, giving many different written examples of each situation to help you understand. This is far from a clinical explanation and reading these alone can leave you feeling rather excited with a head full of ideas and inspiration. All of the explanations are written in a fun and friendly way and you won’t be left with many, if any questions after reading these other than where do we start. On that note at the end of each chapter she has cleverly written a little hints and tips section with suggestions telling you exactly where you could start..

Here’s the best bit I love about this book, not only is it fantastic to quench your curiosity with lots of answers, but snuggled in the middle of each chapter is a naughty little erotic story detailing the activity in practice that’s sure to really get the inspiration going..

I think this book would be fantastic for someone who’s curiosity is hindered by their lack of knowledge but also for someone searching for some ideas as to what they can try next. On the flip side with all the little snippets of naughtiness in the explanations and the detailed sexy short stories included in each section it makes a fabulous read as an erotic collection of tales too.

So yes, as you can probably tell, I would definitely recommend this book if your looking for a little inspiration, explanation or encouragement and want to get horny while looking, this is the book for you..

Big thank you to the fabulous gorgeous Cara Sutra for giving me the opportunity to read this book..

– G String

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Thank you to regular Cara Sutra reviewer G String for this fab review of Never Say Never: Tips, Tricks and Erotic Inspiration for Lovers by Alison Tyler. This book was provided free of charge in exchange for a fair and honest review by Cleis Press.

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– Cara Sutra

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