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10 out of 10

Nera’s Need by Kaelan Rhywiol, Erotic Book Review | Pleasure Panel

By Pleasure Panel reviewer Gypsy Librarian

This story was really good. It certainly leaves readers wanting more, making us curious how the new couple will fare. Though Nera is a full adult in the story (Nera’s Need by Kaelan Rhywiol), she still feels like a young person, which gives the story a bit of “coming of age” angle.

Nera's Need by Kaelan Rhywiol ReviewNera is a modern day woman who is also a gargoyle hybrid. From a young age, she was bound to Ciersten, a full gargoyle male; her mother handpicked Ciersten for her centuries ago at Nera’s birth. Nera has been avoiding being intimate with Ciersten. Being a modern, sex positive woman with a very strong and urgent sexual appetite, she has been satisfying her needs with human men, men who leave her bed very happy. In addition, it is not just lust; she has a need to feed metaphysically from her lovers. However, she gets to the point where human men are just not doing it for her. She knows it is time to bond with Ciersten, and so does he.

Nera’s Need is a sensual story that blends in romantic erotica with folklore and mythology nicely. It is hot enough for erotic romance readers, but it also brings in elements of fantasy to enrich the erotic romance. The fantasy enhances the story and builds it up like weaving a nice tapestry. I like that word, tapestry, for it recalls medieval tapestries of old and their ornate beauty. This story has an ornate beauty that you see in how the author blends the various visual and other sensory details in the narrative. At times you can almost smell some of the scents; the tale can be very evocative.  I do not recall many stories with gargoyles as the protagonists. I have read stories with elves and orcs and other hybrids. The presence of gargoyles adds a different and original element to this erotic fantasy.

This particular story is the first volume in the series Simulacrum Gargoyles (simulacrum is the name that the gargoyles prefer to go by). After reading this one, I am curious how the series might progress. The origins and nature of the gargoyles are only hinted at, so as reader I would certainly want to learn more about them and their ways. There are small details that hint to the gargoyles being persecuted and needing to hide, and I find that element intriguing. Readers of erotica and erotic romance who like a good fantasy element that is well blended into the story will likely enjoy this tale. From what I read, this is a story that I am sure has potential to in various interesting and alluring directions.

The story’s pacing is quite nice. The story does start right away with minimal exposition initially. The author draws you right in. You get the expository elements as you read along. We find out gradually that is a gargoyle-human hybrid, but despite her height she is fairly able to pass as a human or at least blend in.

Once we are into the story, the author reveals details of how the setting works and some of the rules. She then moves us to the encounter between Ciersten and Nera. She builds the scene gradually with delicious details, taking her time to let us savor it as Ciersten will savor Nera. The author takes her time building up this long due rendezvous and leading us through a sensual encounter between two lovers that is destined to be. It may have been inevitable, but it was also very sensual and pleasant for the couple. Ciersten is quite dominant, but he is also a very caring and considerate lover.

The story is certainly celebratory of sex and pleasure as we see the couple expressing needs and desires and coming to care for each other. They observer rituals meant to affirm their union. The story has elements of Dominance and submission (D/s), but there are handled well and in a positive, affirming way. From here on, I wonder where the story goes next. I will note that the story can stand on its own as a short sexy read, but I bet other readers will want to read more.


– Gypsy Librarian

Thanks to Pleasure Panel reviewer Gypsy Librarian for this review of the erotic short story, Nera’s Need by Kaelan Rhywiol (available from Amazon for 99p/$1.22 on Kindle)

Nera’s Need was provided free of charge, in exchange for a fair and honest review by the Pleasure Panel, by the author. Thank you! 🙂

Nera's Need by Kaelan Rhywiol Review

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