Nalone Electro Wand Massager Review

10 out of 10

Nalone Electro Wand Massager Review

When asked if I would like to review one of the Nalone sex toys collection, I didn’t exactly leap at the opportunity. I didn’t have a great previous experience with a Nalone vibrator. Always ready to give a second chance, I plumped for a vibe which looked especially alluring due to being large, different and hopefully powerful enough to please: the Nalone Electro Wand Massager.


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Perhaps an odd choice, when you consider that I am not a fan of electro stimulation – it reminds me of being in labour. I used a TENs machine both times.

Loving wand vibrators and being not so keen on electro-stimulation made me curious about how my experiences would pan out.


My Nalone Electro Wand Massager was packaged for the post & delivery very well. Not only was the product dispatched promptly and delivered fast, the team had packed it with some faux deep red rose petals which had me oohing and ahhing as I opened the box. In addition to this, despite the fact that the product comes with its own storage pouch as part of the package, I received a black velvet feel drawstring pouch with pink embroidered finish which felt luxuriously large and svelte.

In The Box

Turning my attention to the Nalone Electro Wand Massager, the box was covered with thin shrink wrap for a hygienic seal. Removing this reveals the gloss finished card sleeve over the lidded box holding the vibrator.

The box holds the Nalone Electro Wand Vibrator, a charging lead and the instruction leaflet.

First Impressions

Although the wand isn’t as large as my beloved Doxy Wand or the large LELO Wand Massager, it’s still big enough to feel like you’re wielding a product with potential. The pink isn’t to my taste and I’m not sure why Nalone have chosen such a bright and garish pink when they place themselves as a luxury brand. Actually I believe I do know; it comes down to cost and factory availability in my opinion. Never mind – I don’t really care that much about the colour as long as a sex toy actually works for me. I don’t admire the delicate hues once in the throes of ecstasy, nor do I frame vibrators to hang on the walls.

The silver/chrome effect halo around the wand head and backing the handle is a nice reminder of the electro properties of this toy; it lends an air of decadence that the garish pink sadly removes.

Material & Measurements

The Nalone Electro Wand Massager measures 8.25 inches in overall length. The head measures 1.4 inches in length and has a circumference around the widest part of the rim of 5 inches. The handle length without the neck part is 6.5 inches. This may be pertinent as you can select the handle to vibrate as well as the head – meaning that you could, if you so wished, insert the handle vaginally to use as a penetrative vibrator.

The material is described as silicone over an ABS core.

Charging Up

It’s easy to charge up the Nalone Electro Wand Massager. I just had to plug in the jackpin to the small and resealing port at the base of the handle, and and controls on the front light up when it’s charging. The other end plugs into any USB port, making this feel like a modern sex toy which you could even take on travels with you.

Vibrating Settings

There are four buttons on the Nalone Electro Wand Massager. From the bottom, the buttons are a down arrow over a wave, what looks like headphones (meant to resemble the wand head) over a wave, a power button and a lightning bolt over an incline.

The down arrow operates the handle, the headphones/wand head button operates the wand head, the power button is the main on/off for all and the top lightning bolt button operates the electromagnetic pulses, of which there are three intensities.

There are 7 vibrating patterns that you can enjoy through the handle, or through the wand head. I’d describe them as follows:

  1. Low constant vibration
  2. Medium constant vibration
  3. High constant vibration
  4. Pulse
  5. Oscillating
  6. Dot dot dash pulse
  7. Dot dot dot dash dash dash pulse


To switch the vibrator on, press and hold the main power button. Then you can press the down arrow or wand head button to feel vibrations through whichever end you wish. As far as I can make out you can’t have both ends vibrating at the same time.

To add electro pulses to the vibration, just press the top lightning bolt button. There are three levels and the light by the side of this button gets a bit brighter with each press. Not that you’ll see this when the wand is nestled someplace lower down than your eyes!

Bonus Features

The Nalone Electro Wand Massager is promoted as a waterproof sex toy. I must say that I opted out of trying this feature – something about using an electrosex toy in water really quite perturbed me (I can’t think why). Perhaps you will be braver than I.

The wand comes with a drawstring bag to store it in, and it’s a rechargeable sex toy so no need to worry about batteries. There’s a warranty card included in case you do have any problems.

During Use

During use, I was shocked. Not in the bad, ouchy, omg-I-didn’t-think-electrosex-toys-did-that kinda way, in the omg-I-officially-love-this-toy kinda way. The Nalone Electro Wand Massager: wow.

This vibrator is now in my ‘quick grab’ collection by the bed with the charging lead constantly on standby in case it needs a recharge. It’s satisfyingly quiet, which in a family home is very important. It took me a while to build up the courage to press an electro vibrator on my clitoris, for obvious reasons, but once I summoned the courage I was very generously rewarded. There’s an extra tingle which is barely noticeable over the powerful vibrations, but it definitely is an added bonus and adds to the stimulation I feel in my clitoral nerve endings.


I don’t even care that I’m too much of a scaredy-cat to try this in the bath or shower (have I mentioned that it’s waterproof). It doesn’t matter.

This is one of those rare sex toys that can make even a sex toy veteran and power Queen like me orgasm in a matter of seconds, a minute or two at most – whether I am focusing on the pleasure or not. I don’t want to say ‘against my will’ due to a potential consent debate (even though this is masturbation!), but you know what I mean.

If this vibrator is on low constant vibration then I will orgasm in a matter of minutes. On full whack constant vibration with the electromagnetic pulses – I’ve no chance of escaping an orgasm even sooner than that. I don’t even need to use any lube, but obviously you can use lube if you prefer.

For that reason I have no choice but to give the Nalone Electro Wand Massager 10/10. It won’t be absolutely perfect for everyone, I’m ignoring the garish pink colour for a start… but any sex toy which makes me orgasm so quickly and every single time without fail – how could that not be a 10?!


I love it, it works for me every time and has been a fantastic surprise. If you love wand vibrators, thuddy strong vibrations and will give electro pulses a try (I don’t usually like electrosex toys and this one did it for me) then you NEED this wand in your life. It’s quiet, powerful, easy to use and really delivers.

In fact I think the Nalone Electro Wand Massager is my biggest sex toy surprise of 2014. Have I mentioned how much I love it?

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