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6 out of 10

My Dinner from Eleanor’s by Sadie Marquise, Book Review

By Pleasure Panel reviewer Shady Shania

I offered to read this e-book (My Dinner from Eleanor’s by Sadie Marquise) through the Pleasure Panel to provide an honest and frank review of the book. It was sent free of charge by the author for the review and had Preview Copy – please do not distribute water marked across each page, which I understand to protect the author.

Book reviews are always a subjective item to review as everyone has their own reading style and how they prefer the books to be written, so this is my review on how I found the book.

My Dinner from Eleanor's by Sadie MarquiseThe book is not a long story and has approx. 41 pages to it.  It begins by explaining the start of the evening for the man in question, while I enjoyed the setting of the scene, which is something of a bug bear of mine if I do not know why someone is there or how they got there, the descriptions had a tendency to be a bit over the top for my liking.  There should be a small amount of description so you can imagine yourself in the story and in the place of it, but when I started to skip over some of the descriptions, I knew it was a bit over the top for me.

This went onto how he met the lady of the story and the conversation they had in the takeaway they had and how it progressed to her inviting him to her home. It then explained the exchange of them walking to her home and how they got on during their meal.  She then gives him a tour of the home and as she is an artist and lives with other artists, there is a lot of art to show him. The story builds up the chemistry that is happening between them through the exchange, which has a good feel to it.

“I got to my car.  It started without too much of a fuss.  The engine hummed in the way a ten year old engine with over two hundred thousand miles on it will.  The radio blared some song I half remembered.  I noted the time on the dashboard clock and saw that I still had just enough time to make it.  With no time to warm up the car, I put it into drive. The heater blew frigid air, the needle of the engine temperature gauge planted firmly against the C.  I took shallow breaths, lest I frost up the windshield.  I vaguely wondered, not for the first time, why windshields did not have heating elements embedded in the glass the way that rear windows do.”

By looking at this one paragraph, it shows the descriptions used, personally I feel that a lot of what is described is not really relevant to the story, yes the writer wants to make the reader aware of how cold it is, he has written previously that it was freezing before he even got in the car. Sorry to sound like I am having a go at the writer, I am not, it is a good short story, but I found it difficult to concentrate on the actual story.

The introduction to the meeting and the actual events after the meeting were described in so much detail, as per the beginning of the book, a bit too much description that lasted through most of the chapters.  Towards the end of the book, when things got heated, this, I felt was rushed through, not as much detail as I would have liked in this section of the book.  If it is classed as an erotic book, then I would like a lot more sex and erotica in it. The end was a good ending and could follow on to another book, while I was expecting a twist at the end, this did not come.

Overall it was a good story and did enjoy the book once I got my head into it.  I found it difficult to begin with due to the extra descriptions, but the actual standard of writing and story was good.

I would be interested in a follow up to this book to see how their relationship carried on, but with more chemistry and sex and less descriptive words please to bore the reader.

I would score this book 6 out of 10, as a stand alone story it is good and can be added onto at a later date and possibly writing a follow on.

– Shady Shania

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Thanks to Pleasure Panel reviewer Shady Shania for this review of the erotic book: My Dinner from Eleanor’s by Sadie Marquise.

My Dinner from Eleanor's by Sadie Marquise Book Review

My Dinner from Eleanor's by Sadie Marquise Book Review

This erotic book was provided free of charge, in exchange for a fair and honest review by the Pleasure Panel, by the author. Thank you! 🙂

My Dinner from Eleanor's by Sadie Marquise Book Review

My Dinner from Eleanor's by Sadie Marquise Book Review

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