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9 out of 10

Mothmen by Kaelan Rhywiol, Erotic Book Review

By Pleasure Panel reviewer Random Red Rose

Reading always thrills me.  I can become so immersed in a plot with all of it’s twists and turns, its characters and scenarios, that I almost forget to do anything else.  Housework is neglected as I sit there eagerly turning the pages (even in digital format).  When Cara wanted a Pleasure Panel volunteer to review Mothmen by Kaelan Rhywiol I jumped at the chance.

Mothmen by Kaelan Rhywiol Erotic Book ReviewMothmen is a novella.  Novellas have been described as “prose that is longer than a short story but shorter than a novel” by Wikipedia.  How do I know when a novella is good?  I want it to be a novel.  This is exactly what I wanted when it came to Mothmen.

Shea is a young woman who is, to put it nicely, a little bit of a mess.  She’s the last of her family, she’s about to lose her family home and she’s burying her father on her birthday.  The solution is to drown her sorrows.  She’s found by her ex boyfriend and his new boyfriend.  This is the moment, the pivotal point in her life because these mysterious and beautiful men have a secret. Will Shea believe it?  Will she embrace it?

It is hard to describe Mothmen in terms of genre.  It’s a good mix of love, erotica and fantasy with a couple of rather hot BDSM scenes.  I really enjoyed this book.  I loved the way the relationships were described and I loved the fantasy element.  There were one or two times, during my binge reading of this novella, where I longed for more in-depth description.  I wanted longer scenes.  I wanted more background story and more build up.  These extras are why I wish it was a full length novel.  It is beautifully written and I look forward to reading more from Kaelan Rhywiol in the future.

The Mothmen is a 9/10.  I’m deducting a point purely because it should be a novel so I can have the detail I’m craving 🙂

– Random Red Rose

Thanks to Pleasure Panel reviewer Random Red Rose for this review of the erotic book Mothmen by Kaelan Rhywiol (£1.59 digital, £4.24 paperback from Amazon)

Mothmen by Kaelan Rhywiol was provided in a digital format free of charge, in exchange for a fair and honest review by the Pleasure Panel, by the author. Thank you! 🙂

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Mothmen by Kaelan Rhywiol Erotic Book Review

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