Mates Silky Smooth Light Silky Lube Reviews

9 out of 10

Mates Silky Smooth Light Silky Lube Reviews

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Kinkalicious K

This Mates lubricant comes in little sachets with easy to tear slits at the top. A generous amount of lube for any kinda session is in the packet and although I kept a point of keeping a couple of packets handy during each use I never need more than one and indeed didn’t usually need all of what was in a sachet.

Mates Silky Smooth Light Silky Lube Reviews

The Mates Silky Smooth Light Silky Lube itself is actually nice and thick for a water based lube and I was quite surprised. I often find water based lubes can be, well, quite watery and I actually prefer something with a little more consistency. Once applied it stayed on too!

Indeed the lube stayed on what it had contact with.  I used it in conjunction with condoms and I’ve found with some water based lubes you sometimes need a reapply if there is a lot of friction going on but after some VERY rigorous testing it definitely didn’t need it.

Mates Silky Smooth Light Silky Lube Reviews

My partner found it easy to spread the Mates Silky Smooth Light Silky Lube on the condom and when we used it for finger/fisting play found it very easy to apply on the gloves and that it stayed there throughout the session and again that we didn’t have to reapply which he was impressed by.

The lube itself purports to being a pleasure lube and certainly the orgasms were raining in 3s. But to truly give it some thorough testing, myself and my partner used it on our own. I found it to be a subtle pleasure but I felt that my pleasure was certainly enhanced.  My partner felt the lube was a great consistency and although he didn’t find anything overtly pleasure enhancing about it said it was a joy to use.

Mates Silky Smooth Light Silky Lube Reviews

TLDR: The Mates Silky Smooth Light Silky Lube is good lube, not too runny and stays on items it lubes for a good long while.  You don’t need a lot to do a lot.  We will be adding this lube to the play box and I’d recommend it to other people too. I’ll be trying to find a tube of it though! I’m just wasting lube with the sachets!


Joanne’s Reviews

There is a huge amount of choice in the market place for lube enthusiasts. When Cara sent these Mates Silky Smooth Light Silky Lube sachets on to me I relished the thought of trying out another lube that would be totally new to me.

Mates Silky Smooth Light Silky Lube Reviews

However I think I may have been spoiled by some of the other lubes that I use as I found this lube to be pretty average in every way, nothing really stood out for me.

The lube comes in handy 10ml sachets that are easy to carry around discreetly so you are never without lube when you need it. The packaging is plain but there is no mistaking that this is indeed a lube.

Mates Silky Smooth Light Silky Lube Reviews

Mates Silky Smooth Light Silky Lube is a water based lube that is CE marked and suitable for use with all condoms or sex toys. In use it’s pretty runny and you need to be careful as to how you apply it. Put a drop on your finger and it is going to run but having said that I simply dispensed it straight from the sachet to where it was needed. I found that one sachet was perfect for me and I haven’t had to open a second sachet when using them.

The lube spreads out easily and feels good when you do that. I couldn’t detect any smell apart from the usual lube aroma and it doesn’t have much of a taste either so great if you want to enjoy some oral play too.

As this Mates Silky Smooth Light Silky Lube is water based it cleans up easily.  It lives up to its name feeling silky smooth when you first apply it.  I found that it lasted well in use, but not as long as some of the other water based lubes I have used such as Sliquid H20.

Mates Silky Smooth Light Silky Lube Reviews

The biggest drawback of the Mates Silky Smooth Light Silky Lube for me though is that as it starts to dry out it leaves a slightly sticky feeling which is something I personally hate. Once it had dried out, it left no residue behind but I just couldn’t get my head around the stickiness issue.

The lube is an adequate lube, in that it does lubricate until it starts to dry out. It claims to increase sensitivity but I couldn’t detect any increase at all so I am not sure at what Mates mean by that statement. It makes lovemaking more comfortable as all lubes do but I couldn’t discern any other tangible benefit.

Rating: 3/10 – I was hoping for more from this lube.

Minxy Mischief:

I mostly think of Mates to be the brand of condoms that lots of us used when I was a teenager (showing my age here) and I expected their lube to be of a certain standard, just because of the brand name. The Mates Silky Smooth Light Silky Lube sachets come with 10ml in each, plenty for a play or 2 or I thought handy for putting in my handbag for those emergency moments, you never know when you might need some lube.

Mates Silky Smooth Light Silky Lube Reviews

First Impressions

To start with, only 2 out of 5 of the lube sachets had that little notch in it so that you can easily rip it open. I had to use a pair of scissors. Not a huge deal but glad I noticed as this might have caused problems in the heat of the moment. I did try rip it open without the notch but it was impossible.

On the front it also says ‘increased sensitivity’. The Mates Silky Smooth Light Silky Lube is a water based formula. I did notice that it had a great shelf life; the use by date is 02/19.

During Use

Once I finally got the lube open, I got down to some testing. Had some of my favourite toys ready and was looking forward to some nice chilled out play time. I squeezed some Mates Silky Smooth Light Silky Lube out and I thought that it was great and thick and when I first put some on my erogenous zones I thought it felt very silky until about 20-30 seconds later when it started to get very, very sticky. I also found it really quite greasy too which wasn’t very nice.

When using my glass sex toys with the Mates Silky Smooth Light Silky Lube, I wasn’t able to grip hold of them because of the greasiness. I was also surprised at this, with the lube being so sticky. The lube didn’t stick to my hands or my body. The stickiness seemed to be more on my skin than anything else or so I thought!

With it being so sticky and greasy I had to clean myself off with a baby wipe and then dry myself off with a towel but this wasn’t enough. At this point I was thinking that I would maybe give it about a 4 or 5 out of 10 if it was lucky.

As I’ve been testing for a while, I know that first impressions are not always right so being the good reviewer I am I thought I would try it a few more times and see if my first impressions would change at all. I really hoped so!

Mates Silky Smooth Light Silky Lube Reviews

Too Sticky

So on to the rest of my afternoon. As well as cleaning myself up after the first use, I had to take any toys I had touched straight to the bathroom to clean. Even the ones I just picked up and put back down and not used. The Mates Silky Smooth Light Silky Lube seems to attract all the hairs and fluff and god knows what, it really is very sticky!

The more I used the lube the more I started to really dislike it. The only good point I could see about this lube at this point was it was nice and thick. My expectations were crushed.

The Mates Silky Smooth Light Silky Lube got everywhere! Anything that was on the bed or bedside table where the lube was sitting seemed to have some residue on it. I was covered in a sticky, greasy residue even after cleaning with wipes. It was going to take a nice soapy shower to get cleaned up.  I had a little lube left in one of the sachets and I gave it to my boyfriend to try and see what he thought of it. He thought exactly the same as me, it was nice for the first 30 seconds or so but then it felt more like he was using PVA instead of lube!

Mates Silky Smooth Light Silky Lube Reviews

Increased Sensitivity

Also, I didn’t notice any increased sensitivity as it promises on the front. It claims for a natural, smooth and silky sensation; all for about 30 seconds. The Mates Silky Smooth Light Silky Lube doesn’t last as it says! It does claim that it doesn’t stain and I’ve not noticed any stains left by it, thankfully!

Condom Compatibility

What did concern me a little was that it says on the back that the lube is suitable for use with all Mates condoms. Does this mean that is isn’t suitable with other brands? I suspect they are just trying to push their own brand but being curious I thought I’d check their website. I couldn’t see anything about their lube but did find a customer service number so decided to give them a call and find out!

The woman I spoke to put me on hold to find out if it just suitable for use with Mates condoms. She told me it was suitable for use with all Mates condoms like trying to push the brand but when prompted she said it could be used with other brands as well including latex free condoms.


There was no list of ingredients on the sachets either so I asked her about this too. Again she put me on hold. She tried to transfer me to someone else but it wasn’t possible at that time. She did offer to take my number and call me back or I could call at a later date and she would have the information ready for me. I just like to know what I’m putting on or in my body and wanted to know if it was paraben and preservative free.

Overall I really disliked the Mates Silky Smooth Light Silky Lube. It’s sticky and greasy and just an unpleasant experience. I wouldn’t recommend this lube to anyone and it won’t be getting a spot in my bedside essentials box. It only gets a 1/10 because of thickness.


Pros – Nice and thick
Cons – Sticky, greasy, unpleasant
Overall – Unpleasant, not nice


Lightweight Toucan:

Now you should know by now, I’m a lube addict and enthusiast, but this Mates Silky Smooth Light Silky Lube left me wanting and let down.

Mates Silky Smooth Light Silky Lube Reviews

The Mates Silky Smooth Light Silky Lube packet states, on the front, that it increases sensitivity. I’m afraid it’s a lie, a big, dirty lie. I’ve used this lube with my toys and my husband, who concurs that it doesn’t do a thing. There’s not a hint of tingle, or warmth, so I’m not sure why it says ‘increased sensitivity’ on the packet. Maybe it’s a marketing ploy, or maybe they believe that the lube on its own increases sensitivity when used, which is true, lube does make everything nicer, but not enough to state that it ‘increases sensitivity’. There’s no further explanation on the back of the packet either, which leads me to believe my latter explanation.

Mates Silky Smooth Light Silky Lube Reviews

As a normal lube, the Mates Lube is sticky and not very much fun to play with at all. The gloopy, slightly greasy lube seemed to dry out quite quickly, within about a minute of rubbing it into my hubby, and it left us both feeling a little frustrated and turned off. This lube is a bit too much bother for what you get from it, and having to put effort into using lube should not be part of anyone’s sexual endeavours. It drips off your fingers if you’re not super quick, and it leaves an oily stain on whichever surface it lands on (it’s an easy clean off, but just make sure you get it all).

This Mates Silky Smooth Light Silky Lube has the usual lube scent, which I think was the only good thing about it. I’ve never really been let down by a lube. Yes, I’ve not liked how long they lasted, sometimes the clean up requires a full hosing down by firemen, but I’ve not had one this bad in a very long time.

Mates Silky Smooth Light Silky Lube Reviews

Rating: 1/10.

Sorry Mates, but I don’t think we can be friends anymore.

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