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1 out of 10

male angel sex enhancer capsules pasante pleasure panel review

I was recently sent 2 Male Angel pills from the lovely Cara Sutra in return for an unbiased honest review. I like to think that this was because she secretly fancies me and wanted to impress me but the reality is because I was recently lucky enough to be accepted into her Pleasure Panel and have reviewed a few products since. For the purposes of my ego though, let’s just assume it’s because, being a female and therefore human, she fancies me.
The idea of these pills is to take one approximately 1 or 2 hours before sex and, due to the ingredients like oyster powder, they should increase your libido, sexual desire and make you have a wild night of sex like you’ve never experienced before. Maybe.

I was looking forward to trying these in honesty. I’ve taken one of those little blue pills before now (the ones I can’t mention as they turn everything into spam) to heighten a sexual experience and a few occasions and have been disappointed each time. My reason for taking them has not been because I have trouble getting or maintaining an erection but because I craved the wild night of non-stop sex that the reputation of V-pills promises.

However, my experience of those was purely mechanical. Yes I got and maintained an erection simply from my partner looking at me but it didn’t heighten the experience. It didn’t turn me into this God of Love, with an unquenchable sexual appetite, that the rumours had promised.
The Male Angel pill was about to change all of that though right?

pasante pleasure panel cara sutra review-16

Well, no. Not really.

Being a dedicated reviewer, and knowing that I intended on using the pill that night, I thought that the best thing to do would be to masturbate earlier in the day at around lunchtime so that my libido would be at a regular level later and I’d be able see if the pill had assisted later. Then at around 8pm I took the pill and watched a film with my partner (it was rubbish and I guessed the twist) we disappeared to bed together at around 10pm.

This was it!

This was the moment I was to make those people in porn films jealous I was sure of it.

We got into bed and got down to some fun.

We had sex.

Really good sex.

Really good and really normal sex.

Really good, really normal and not at all different to anything we’ve had before sex.

It hadn’t worked.

I mean I’d worked, little me had worked. But the pill had not.

I hadn’t become a sexual stallion going all night and thinking of new positions to delight my lover at every moment. The neighbours hadn’t felt the need to call the police due to the screams of pleasure.

I’d been normal. It had been normal.

I may as well as eaten a Polo. No, actually, a Polo would have been more helpful because my partner had joked earlier in the evening that she could smell coffee on my breath so could have prevented that embarrassment.

Maybe I’d put a bit too much emphasis on how effective the pill would be but ultimately I found it to be not remotely effective. Did it assist in any way that I know of? I’m afraid not. For that reason I find it hard to recommend or even award it any points on Cara’s scoring system. Apologies if that sounds ungrateful.


– Clumsy Liability

Thanks to Pleasure Panel reviewer Clumsy Liability for this guest review of the Male Angel Sexual Performance Enhancer capsules kindly provided by Pasante free of charge in exchange for a fair and honest review. 

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