Luvvibes Lady Vibes Bundle Sex Toy Review

8 out of 10

Luvvibes Lady Vibes Bundle Sex Toy Review

The Luvvibes Lady Vibes Bundle is a fun box of sex toys designed especially for vagina-owners to enjoy. I was sent this ‘bedroom party pack’ directly from the friendly team over at in return for my honest review here at – thanks so much! Let’s take a look at what you receive in this Lady Vibes Bundle.

Luvvibes Lady Vibes Bundle Sex Toy Review


Dispatch and outer packaging of the Luvvibes Lady Vibes Bundle was professional, fast and discreet. There was no sign on the outside of the parcel that it contained adult products, which is always a relief. Inside, I discovered my Luvvibes Lady Vibes Bundle in a branded black box – roughly the size of a shoe box.

First Impressions, & What’s In The Box

The pleasure products in the Luvvibes Lady Vibes Bundle are wrapped in a pretty purple sheet of tissue paper, and sealed with a sticker. Opening this revealed all the items nicely packaged into the box, sealed in their own transparent plastic wrap where necessary.

In the Luvvibes Lady Vibes Bundle I received:

  • A purple, rechargeable Luvvibes Rampit Jack Rotating Rabbit Vibrator
  • Rechargeable pink Luvvibes Dual Intense Kegel Ball Vibrator Pelvic & Clitoris Massager
  • Pink Luvvibes Double Silicone Ben Wa Balls
  • The Butterfly Crystal Studded Glamorous Masquerade Eye Mask in Purple
  • Durex Naturals Intimate Gel (100ml tube)
  • A Strawberry bath bomb
  • Plus some edibles: small Magnum white chocolate bar & Trident Max frost watermelon flavour chewing gum.

Luvvibes Lady Vibes Bundle Sex Toy Review

I was quite pleased at the selection of items in the box, particularly that a couple of edibles were included as well as a bath bomb. Very thoughtful additions for the lady who wants an evening (or morning, or afternoon) of sensual pampering. The chewing gum is sugar free so I’ve been enjoying chomping my way through that while writing up this review.

Using The Items

Some of the pleasure products in the Luvvibes Lady Vibes Bundle needed charging up before use, so it was extra busy on my desk for a couple of hours.

Luvvibes Lady Vibes Bundle Sex Toy Review

The non-vibrating love eggs can of course be used straight away – although I carefully wash and rinse any sex toy prior to first use in case of manufacturing residue left on the product which could cause irritation.

Here’s a round-up of my experiences with the sex toys and other products.

Luvvibes Rampit Jack Rotating Rabbit

(Purple, also available in Pink; £27.99)

This sizeable rabbit, in a pretty deep purple colour, represents a great first rabbit for someone who knows they love a large sized sex toy, but who doesn’t necessarily require a lot of vibrating power. It’s rechargeable via the included USB lead. The shaft felt girthy and very fulfilling in a penetrative way, but I found the vibrations buzzy and the shaft rotation not quite dramatic enough for my liking.

The ears part of this rabbit vibrator aren’t the ‘split ear’ type which I particularly dislike, which was good. Instead, it’s a flap of silicone which flutters around to stimulate the clitoris area while the shaft penetrates vaginally and provides additional pleasure there. The clitoral stimulator wasn’t in the right place for me personally, and I found I couldn’t insert the shaft of the rabbit as much as I’d like because the clit stim area stopped me going further.

I’m sure this is a personal anatomical issue however and that many women would still enjoy this rabbit. Bonus points are that it’s made with silicone, a body-safe material, it’s waterproof and rechargeable. It’s also extremely quiet, which is good if discretion is on your sex toy tick list.

There are 7 vibration modes and this rabbit vibrator is fully waterproof. It also comes with a little instruction leaflet and a storage pouch.

Luvvibes Dual Intense Kegel Ball Vibrator Pelvic & Clitoris Massager


These vibrating kegel balls confused me slightly at first, because I haven’t had many remote cotrol vibrating kegel balls. Or at least, the ones I’ve had required batteries in the remote while the balls were the rechargeable part. The great thing about these vibrating kegel balls is that both the kegel balls and the wireless remote control are rechargeable – and by the same USB lead (which is included). It does mean that you can only charge one of the items up at once, so I hope you’re not in too much of a rush when you open the box!

These vibrating kegel balls are bright pink, and so is the remote. In order to switch the vibrating kegel balls on, you need to press and hold the power button on the remote, and the same with the power button on the kegel balls, and an LED lights up on both, telling you that they’re ready for action. Then you use the other buttons on the remote to vibrate either the kegel balls – or the remote control. Yes, I was surprised too. You get an extra vibrator!

The remote control can be used as an external massager or clitoral stimulator by itself, a stand-alone sex toy to the kegel balls. There’s 10 speeds of vibration offered. Also, the kegel balls can of course be used as non-vibrating love eggs if you don’t want to use the remote control.

Both items are made with silicone material, which is fab – but I found the manufacturing finish of the remote control left a lot to be desired. This item is stated to be fully waterproof but the metallic plastic plate on the remote control didn’t give me confidence about this aspect. I think it had come unstuck – or never was stuck on properly- and it fell off during use, exposing the inner wiring and mechanisms. I feel sure water could have made its way inside if I’d submerged the remote. Perhaps I just have a faulty/glitch item from what is an otherwise perfect batch, I can’t be sure.

In addition, the vibrations from the kegel balls and the remote are extremely buzzy – so if those are the type of vibrations you like, you may love these sex toys.

These vibrating kegel balls come with a little instruction leaflet and a storage pouch.

Luvvibes Double Silicone Ben Wa Balls For Kegel Workout Or Pleasure

(Usually £24.99; currently £12.99)

These weighted silicone coated Ben Wa Balls are also presented in pink, and have a finger loop for easy retrieval. Stainless steel balls move about within the silicone coated balls inside this product, causing some movement to be felt inside the vagina during use. This is to incite the vaginal walls to contract around the Ben Wa Balls, not only for sexual pleasure but also as a vaginal wall/pelvic floor workout.

As there are no mechanics to these Ben Wa Balls, they simply operate by internal weights and are covered in body-safe silicone, they’re exceptionally easy to both use and to keep clean. They measure 1.1 inch in diameter & 3.4 inches in length, including the retrieval loop.

It feels very sexy slipping them inside, especially with the help of a dot of waterbased lubricant, and the movements of the internal weights is a welcome distraction no matter what else you might be trying to do at the time. Very fun.

The Butterfly – Crystal Studded Glamorous Masquerade Eye Mask

(Purple, also available in Red; £8.99)

The Butterfly Eye Mask is a fun and exotic addition to the box. Mine is purple, with diamante detailing all around the outer edge. I can imagine many people having fun putting this eye mask on and indulging in some extra sensual roleplay and pleasure sessions. Teamed with some similarly coloured lingerie it could be the accessory that’s the cherry on the cake.

The Butterfly Mask feels and smells like it’s made from suede. The head strap is elastic. It’s easy to wear, and gentle wipe clean only.

Durex Naturals Intimate Gel

(100ml tube; RRP £8.99)

I am so impressed with this lubricant. It’s not slippery, so for me it doesn’t resemble natural bodily fluids, but it’s simply scent-free, natural ingredient formula, wetness. When you need to add some moisture but you don’t want to add anything artificial, reach for this lube. It feels non-intrusive and there’s no worries about any aggravation or irritation of your sensitive parts.

The Durex Naturals Intimate Gel isn’t really a gel, in my opinion; it’s a liquid. It doesn’t ‘goop’ and it’s not sticky or tacky. The slipperiness which would cause strings of it to hold between my fingers isn’t there, it simply coats my fingers with wetness. During use it coats my body with that same wetness without feeling like I’ve slathered myself either in oil or glue. It’s a refreshing feeling from a lube.

This lube is water-based, pH friendly and contains pre-biotics which are said to help maintain the skin balance. It’s condom friendly and suitable for use with latex and sex toys. There’s no fragrance or colour and it’s made with 100% natural ingredients.

Other fun additions:

Other fun items included in my Luvvibes Lady Vibes Bundle were: a strawberry bath bomb, small Magnum white chocolate bar, Trident Max frost watermelon flavour chewing gum. The edibles are a lovely touch – I especially like some tasty chewing gum as I’m working in the office so that’s been tested while writing up this review!

The bath bomb was a lovely experience too:

I could smell the strawberry scent upon unwrapping it, and it quickly turned the bathwater a lovely, refreshing (or cosy, depending on the season/temperature of your bathwater) pale pink colour. It’s not as sumptuous a bath bomb as a Lush one, for example, but it’s not one of those which contains oils and so turns the bath into an oil slick. I’m not keen on oily bath bombs.

This bath bomb is all about the relaxing scent and the lovely colour of the water. There were no bubbles but it was a pleasant, calming experience regardless.

Where To Buy Your Luvvibes Lady Vibes Bundle

This is a fun pack of sexy toys and gifts designed to thrill a lucky lover or to buy as a well-deserved pamper box for yourself. It definitely has the wow factor when you open the well-presented box, and you get many hours of both sexual thrills and relaxing me time with the thoughtful choices included. It was fun to discover how the sex toys worked for me, and the additional accessories gave the kit added pizzazz, a real gift-like feel.

The usual price for the items separately would be £69, but you can buy this special arrangement of toys & gifts, the Luvvibes Lady Vibes Bundle, for just £52 at

Luvvibes Lady Vibes Bundle Sex Toy Review

Thanks so much to for sending me their Luvvibes Lady Vibes Bundle in exchange for this fair and honest review here at

Luvvibes Lady Vibes Bundle Sex Toy Review

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