Lube Tubes Review – Lubricant Applicator Syringes

3 out of 10

lube tubes applicator syringe 2 packThis guest review was completed by the ever willing minnie… because felt he would have a lot of fun with these Lube Tubes! Thanks minnie.  ~ Cara Sutra

Once again I have been asked to be a ‘guinea pig’ by the lovely Cara Sutra and test a new product for her.

She had sent me the ‘Lube Tube’ set, a pair of plastic syringes which, it says on the packing, will put your favourite lube exactly where you want it!

Now, here’s the thing that been bugging me: it also says ‘avoid the mess, easy to fill, dispense and clean’

Most lubes are in bottles with pump dispensers or in tubes which you squeeze like toothpaste. So a dab of lube on your finger and you can easily put it on whatever toy, dildo, plug or phallus that you intend to use, not much of a mess really.

It’s easy enough to fill the syringe, once you’ve found a bottle of lube with a screw top: just dip the syringe in and fill it. Of course, the lube clings to the outside of the syringe, potentially making a mess, the very mess its supposed to avoid!

It does at least leave it ready to insert into a willing orifice though why you need to squirt lube inside yourself or your partner I’m not too sure!

Nothing ventured, I did put some inside me before using one of my butt plugs but I can’t say it made any difference.

Lube Tubes lubricant applicator syringes

Perhaps you could use some warming lube, with or without a butt plug to give a deep heat feeling?

After use it’s easy enough to clean but I can’t help feeling that this item is a conundrum: you use it to avoid making a mess but in the process it leaves a mess…

I really can’t rate this more than 3 out of 10. To my mind it’s superfluous.


Note from Cara

I feel that an additional use for these Lube Tubes would be as part of Medical Fetish scenes. When engaging in Doctor or Nurse and patient roleplay, you could have fun simulating injections or suppositories of a genital or anal nature. There’s also fun to be had with injecting (sorry, inserting) other types of things – mixing a dash of Listerine, Tabasco or hot chilli sauce with some water based lubricant and inserting a butt plug on top, for instance.

Along the same vein (excuse the pun) you could chill some water based lubricant before inserting for an extra cold effect. Startling!

Another alternative use is to dole out ‘patient’s medicine’ orally; a dash of strawberry lubricant or whatever you deem appropriate. For forced intoxication sessions you could load up a shot of vodka or your chosen poison to be taken at regular intervals. With a heavy threat of punishment for disobedience!

I am not sure if you are able to sterilise these Lube Tubes but if you can, then I think they would be extremely fun to try in a variety of situations.



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