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4 out of 10

Lovehoney Bodystocking Mel Macfarlane Voluptasse Cara Sutra Pleasure Panel ReviewLovehoney Bodystocking – Long Sleeve Fishnet Crotchless

Pleasure Panel review by Voluptasse

The Lovehoney Bodystocking (Long Sleeve, Fishnet & Crotchless) was sent to me free of charge for an honest and unbiased review for the Cara Sutra Pleasure Panel.

Everyone knows how much I love bodystockings and lingerie. For me, few things make me happier (outside of the family) than putting on my makeup, doing my hair and dressing up in something sexy. Sexy lingerie reminds me that I am a woman, instead of Mum, Wife, Worker or friend. In short, it makes me feel good.

It’s something that I recommend to all couples who speak to me about a lull in their sex lives, and I even have single friends who enjoy this before masturbation. It’s a real confidence booster!

That’s why I was chosen to review this Lovehoney Bodystocking from the Lovehoney online sex shop.

Where can I get the Lovehoney Bodystocking?

Although this Lovehoney Bodystocking has been discontinued since this product was sent for review, they do have a wide selection of Lovehoney Bodystockings on the website and, at the time of writing, a special offer of 2 bodystockings for £20.

First Impressions of the Lovehoney Bodystocking?

Although the item was sent to me by Cara Sutra, normal procedure for Lovehoney is to send products in plain, unmarked packaging. Once the packaging was opened, I saw that the Lovehoney Bodystocking was contained within a sturdy cardboard case and placed in cellophane packaging.

What size is the Lovehoney Bodystocking?

The Lovehoney Bodystocking is classed as a ONE SIZE product which is normally from 8-16. Unfortunately, the models wearing the stockings on the Lovehoney website are all 5’3 tall which makes me worry that I will be too tall for this bodystocking.

Review of the Lovehoney Bodystocking

Lovehoney Bodystocking Mel Macfarlane Voluptasse Cara Sutra Pleasure Panel Review

With the current trend of hosiery on the rise again, I was excited to sink my teeth into another fishnet product as I always find it very flattering on my figure. Fishnet hides a multitude of sins and evens out my skin tone. For someone like me who has a little cellulite and also suffers from eczema, bodystockings give me the ‘barely there’ feeling which makes me feel sexy.

The fishnet on the Lovehoney Bodystocking is a smaller mesh, which is more elegant and looks great on my petite figure. I spend a little time on hair and make-up and was ready to get started on the review.

To my dismay, when putting on the Lovehoney Bodystocking I realised quite quickly that it was a little too small for me. I had my suspicions with the petite sized models used in the pictures but this was confirmed by how tight and uncomfortable I felt. Because it didn’t fit my legs properly, the open crotch sat too low and didn’t feel very flattering at all.

Lovehoney Bodystocking Mel Macfarlane Voluptasse Cara Sutra Pleasure Panel Review

Lovehoney Bodystocking Mel Macfarlane Voluptasse Cara Sutra Pleasure Panel Review

Lovehoney Bodystocking Mel Macfarlane Voluptasse Cara Sutra Pleasure Panel Review

Despite being too tight, the stocking itself was nice enough. It was a very basic fishnet with no embroidery or embellishment and completely frills free. In short, a little boring for me. The scoop neck dipped lower at the back so it revealed extra skin and sat low at the front so everything was on display.


This is a no-frills bodystocking and that’s exactly what you get. For the price of these stockings which is around £12.99, I thing that there much nicer options out there but that depends on your taste. If you love long sleeved fishnet bodystockings and you aren’t as tall as me, go for it. However, this bodystocking did very little to flatter me because it was a bad fit.

Lovehoney Bodystocking Mel Macfarlane Voluptasse Cara Sutra Pleasure Panel Review

The quality of the stocking is great, I’d happily wear this a few times and feel confident that it wouldn’t rip or tear. I have no complaints at all with the fabric, apart from the fact that there wasn’t enough of it!

For anyone interested in picking up a bodystocking from Lovehoney, they have a great collection at the Lovehoney online sex shop.



– Voluptasse

Thanks to Pleasure Panel reviewer Voluptasse for this guest review of the Lovehoney Bodystocking (now discontinued)

This bodystocking was sent free of charge, in exchange for a fair and honest review by the Pleasure Panel, by Lovehoney.

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