Lovehoney BASICS Vibrating Love Egg – Pleasure Panel Review

5 out of 10

Lovehoney BASICS Vibrating Love Egg

Pleasure Panel review by Lightweight Toucan

Lovehoney BASICS Vibrating Love Egg Cara Sutra Pleasure Panel review

Before trying out this Lovehoney BASICS Vibrating Love Egg, I’d only ever used one love egg before. I wasn’t overly impressed. Frankly I found it to be boring, I actually managed to get bored playing with it!

This one was a little different. This egg is bright pink (shocking I know) and was oddly shaped for a love egg. It was shaped more like a bullet with two blunt ends, instead of the usual egg shape, and the cable connecting the egg to the remote was pretty long, so it has at least one good feature.

The blunt shape of the egg made it hard to use, it felt very uncomfortable inserting it, it felt like I was inserting a something much bigger than it actually is. Once it was in it didn’t get any better, the egg felt like it didn’t belong. The flat headed shape just didn’t sit right (pun intended) and this annoyed me.

Lovehoney BASICS Vibrating Love Egg Cara Sutra Pleasure Panel review

I took it out and built myself back up into a happier place and tried it again. Inserting it a second time was easier as I knew what to expect. It was still slightly too flat to feel nice when putting it in, but I was hoping it would get better.

Fully inserting the egg took some doing (the shape really makes things far more difficult than necessary) but once it was in place, things flowed a little more easily.

The egg remote is extremely simple, just having a dial to increase or decrease the speed. As I said, the cable is long enough to either play on your own and have it not resting on your stomach/chest, which can be a mood killer I know, or to give to your partner and let them make the decisions for you.

Lovehoney BASICS Vibrating Love Egg Cara Sutra Pleasure Panel review

For me personally, the egg was not powerful enough to get me off. The dial is great at controlling the vibrations and for giving you the ability to turn it up slightly (if you like it slow) unlike some vibrators with a button and one thousand settings, pulses, vibrations and thrusters. Nothing against those, but sometimes you only need to increase the vibration a little to rocket you to heaven.

All in all, I wasn’t a huge fan due to the shape and lacklustre vibration power.

5/10, you got an extra point for the super long power cable.

– Lightweight Toucan

Thanks to Pleasure Panel reviewer Lightweight Toucan for this guest review of the Lovehoney BASICS Vibrating Love Egg (usually priced at £6.99)

This sex toy was sent free of charge, in exchange for a fair and honest review by the Pleasure Panel, by Lovehoney.

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