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7 out of 10

The Love Mop Sex Towel Review

By Pleasure Panel reviewer Luv Bunny

In some ways I feel a bit of a pleb for wishing to try out this for want of a better term, ‘cum-rag.’ I mean, that is essentially what The Love Mop is!

Cara does her best to match up her Pleasure Panel reviewers with the items they wish to try, and that must be no mean feat. She could probably do with a Love Mop of her own to wipe the sweat from her brow after the mammoth task of posting all those packages! So thank you once again Cara, for enabling me to test for the Pleasure Panel 🙂


The Love Mop arrived in a brown envelope, neatly folded and with its cute embroidered motif on display through a clear plastic window of the envelope. The envelope was ‘sealed’ with a ‘figure of 8’ looped thread around two card discs on the rear of the envelope, securing the flap down. The company’s tag-line, Good Clean Love, reminds me of Tantus’s Good Clean Fun. A Google search also highlighted that Good Clean Love is also the brand name of another American company that sells lubricants (among other things). I appreciate I’m deviating from the purpose of this review, but I thought these facts were noteworthy.

First impressions

The Love Mop can be purchased in black or white. I received the white version. It is 100% cotton, and has a double yarn weave with a 450 gsm (grams per square metre) thread count. The terry toweling measures 30 cm wide by 61 cm long and has a wide twill border. It is pleated at one end before the start of the embroidered panel, featuring the Love Bucket logo, a winged-bucket with a little red heart on it.

As a towel to soak up the juices of love, it’s perfectly ok if you do not plan to have a session where you are likely to gush. It was big enough to provide coverage under my ample derrière, but that was about it. So it’s alright, but I wouldn’t necessarily rush out to buy another one, as my hand towels would probably do the same job.

Washing Instructions

The label states three simple instructions; machine wash warm, do not bleach and tumble dry low. Easy maintenance I’m sure you’d agree! The yarn seems to wash well and absorbency remains good after washing.

Final thoughts

As a purpose-built play time towel, the Love Mop does what it claims. It seems more of a novelty to me than a must-have so for that reason and due to its price tag of $16.99 I’d rate it 7/10.

– Luv Bunny

Where To Buy

Thanks to Pleasure Panel reviewer Luv Bunny for this review of The Love Mop Sex Towel.

Shipping is free within the US but an extra $10 to the UK.

The Love Mop Sex Towel was sent free of charge, in exchange for a fair and honest review by the Pleasure Panel, by The Love Mop company. Thank you! 🙂


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