Love Layla Designs Wrapping Paper Review

8 out of 10

Love Layla Designs Wrapping Paper Review

Love Layla Designs Wrapping Paper review by DivaFoof

Because I’m a patron for Cara Sutra, I got the opportunity to sign up to receive some Love Layla Design items for review. My review is non-biased and no money has exchanged hands.

Cara advised that she had divided up the Love Layla Designs amongst each package before 5 packages and so it was the luck of the draw that on what items you’d get.

Love Layla Designs Wrapping Paper review

My items were:

  • ‘Treat Me Like a Princess & Choke me’ Card
  • ‘Happy Valentines Day Sugar Tits’ Card
  • ‘As long as I have a face, you will always have a place to sit’ Card
  • ‘I fucking <3 you’ Love Layla Designs Wrapping Paper.

Sadly I didn’t get a Love Layla Designs 2018 calendar which I had been keeping my fingers and toes crossed for – and may well end up purchasing myself since I didn’t get a calendar for Christmas, and therefore, it’s fair to say the items within my package are geared up for Valentines Day  or if you’re not up for 14th February, you could stake a claim on them for Steak and BJ day on the 14th March.

First things first are the cards. The cards are A5 size and are nice thick card. They give a great feeling about the cards. Majority of the cards are white and it’s all about the sentence on the front. No pictures just words but then I’m not sure you need to say anything else to you other half when you make your feelings clear that her vulva belongs on your face. I mean, SWOON!

Love Layla Designs Wrapping Paper review

If I received any of these Love Layla Designs cards, I’d be over the moon. They are delightfully naughty.  I do find though that they are very much geared for binary relationships, I tried to look at the rest of their website but there only appears to be 1 valentine’s day card listed (which happens to be BDSM related!) but going by the rest of the selection of their cards, they do gear towards LGBTQ+ which is awesome, lets hope some of the cards for Valentines can lend themselves to different types of relationships. The ones I’ve received are not currently for sale but the rest of their cards appear to sell for £3.75 which I find a little on the pricey side although at least it is a free shipping on all orders!

Personally it’d be really cool if Love Layla Designs started going down a personalisation route like Funky Pigeon or MoonPig but NSFW version as I’d be there in a heart beat!  The ability to amend some of the cards they have set up would be so cool but as for the current cards they rock my socks and Love Layla should be proud.  The cards get a 8/10 for me.

Love Layla Designs Wrapping Paper review

The other item I got in my package was the I Fucking Love You wrapping paper,  I received a singular sheet of ‘I fucking <3 you’  which I assumed the heart is for ‘love’. I had to read it several times as to whether it said I fucking <3 you or  I <3 fucking you.  Either way, both works!!  The I Fucking Love You wrapping paper is good quality and you can iron out the creases if they bother you (weird trick I found out!).

Love Layla Designs Wrapping Paper review

The Love Layla Designs Wrapping Paper is 33 inches x 23 inches, so is a sizeable amount you might want to consider the size of your gift that you plan on wrapping as to whether you need two packs or not.  The wrapping papers are on sale for £4.25 which again I find expensive considering you can buy 5 metres from Paper Chase for £5 which is decent quality too but though I guess you are paying for the cheeky slogans which I do like. They also have some other slogan wrapping papers on the website too which I think are awesome but it’d have to be a really special gift for me to buy something that is as expensive and is going to ripped off within minutes. The good thing is that the quality of the paper means you can’t easily put a finger through it.

All in all the Love Layla Designs Wrapping Paper gets a 7/10 for me down to cost v size.

Overall the Love Layla Designs get an 8/10 for me.

– DivaFoof

Love Layla Designs Wrapping Paper review

Where To Buy

Thanks to Pleasure Panel reviewer DivaFoof for this review of the Love Layla Designs Wrapping Paper & more.

Love Layla Designs Valentine’s Day Stationery & Gifts are priced from £3.50. Find the I Fucking Love You Wrapping Paper right here.

Love Layla Designs Review Valentines Cards And I Fucking Love You Wrapping Paper

The Love Layla Designs Valentines Cards & I Fucking Love You Wrapping Paper were sent free of charge, in exchange for a fair and honest review.

Love Layla Designs Wrapping Paper Review

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