Love Layla Designs Greeting Cards Review

10 out of 10

Love Layla Designs Greeting Cards Review

Love Layla Designs greeting cards review by Just Jess

Love Layla Designs is an amazing indie card designer. I stumbled across them on Facebook and loved their mix of cheeky, slightly smutty, giggle inducing cards. I hadn’t had chance to buy one for anyone before a special Patreon version of the Pleasure Panel offered a mixture of Love Layla products for review. I was lucky enough to receive a selection of Love Layla Designs Valentine’s Cards, two wine bottle labels and a 2018 desk calendar in exchange for my open and honest review.

Love Layla Designs Greeting Cards review

Alternative Valentine’s Cards

The Love Layla Designs Greeting Cards each came cellophane wrapped and with a separate red envelope embossed with LOVE <3 LAYLA in silver. The quality is fantastic, I hate cards that fall over if you blow on them or cave under their own weight. The Love Layla Designs Valentine’s Cards are sturdy and well made; they look of a similar quality to other cards around the £4 price bracket.

Love Layla Designs Valentine's Cards, Calendar & Wine Labels Review

These are designed for Valentine’s day and feature alternative love messages. This is great for me as I find most cards overly sentimental and a little sickly. Who wants to be told “I’ll love you forever blah, blah, blah” when you can receive a card that reminds you “It’s not gonna spank itself” or “Sorry I farted while you were eating me out”.

The Love Layla website carries cards and small gifts for every occasion. I had so much fun browsing their website before writing this review, I haven’t giggled as much in ages. I’m definitely buying a glitter shitter for my best friend’s birthday next month, she’ll hate it!

Disappointingly Love Layla don’t offer any personalisation on their cards, I do think this is a real shame as adding your own cheeky message would make sending their cards even better. Also it means you need to be a little more prepared as the card will come to you first to sign etc so you can’t do a Moonpig special and order a Love Layla card the day before.

The £3.75 price tag is about the maximum I’m willing to spend on a card but as a one off novelty/for a special occasion I do think it’s worth it. Especially given the amount of giggles these cards induce. I’ve passed them around my girlfriends who have all loved them (and in some cases tried to steal one to send themselves).

Wine Labels

I received two wine bottle labels – “I need a bottle of wine to make me go down” and “Even after this bottle of wine the bum will still be out of bounds”. Neither of these are any good for me as any of my partners know that neither statement is true!

Love Layla Designs Greeting Cards review

Again, these are well made like the cards. You peel the backing off and fix over the existing label on any bottle of wine or spirits. My labels are wine specific due to the slogans on them but other designs on the Love Layla website could easily be used on any bottle. My favourite has to be “My Liver Hates our Friendship”.

I’ve had a bottle of wine with a personalised wine label before and thought it was a bit naff, sorry sis, but the novelty factor of the Love Layla labels means you can pimp a up an ordinary bottle of wine/spirits for £2.50 and it looks like a real gift rather than just an afterthought. And who doesn’t love tipsy giggles?

Desk Calendar

Undoubtedly my favourite item in the review bundle sent by Cara Sutra was the desk calendar. This now sits on my desk at work and has raised eyebrows and belly laughs in equal measures. At £7.99 (reduced to £4.50 in the January sale) this is a bargain.

The designs on the calendar are a mixture of tongue in cheek, silly and naughty designs and unlike the Love Layla Designs Valentine’s Cards and wine labels these aren’t just geared to those in relationships.

The easel design is double sided so this could easily be shared with a friend/housemate or work dates/play dates.

It’s a bit difficult to get excited over a calendar but I do genuinely love the Love Layla designs; it makes me smile every day and I will definitely be treating myself to one next year.

All orders from Love Layla are posted the next working day, free of charge, which is fantastic.

Thank you to Cara Sutra and Love Layla Designs for sending me this fantastic bundle in exchange for my impartial review. I love them and will be sending all my slightly inappropriate friends to Love Layla Designs in future.

  • Love Layla Designs Valentine’s Cards 9/10
  • Wine Bottle Labels 8/10
  • Calendar 10/10

Overall 9/10

– Just Jess

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Thanks to Pleasure Panel reviewer Just Jess for this review of the Love Layla Designs Greeting Cards & more.

Love Layla Designs Valentine's Cards, Calendar & Wine Labels Review

These stationery samples were sent free of charge, in exchange for a fair and honest review.

Love Layla Designs Greeting Cards review

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