Lodbrock Hand Stocks Review

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Lodbrock Hand Stocks Review

As mentioned in my recent Lodbrock Foot Tickling Pillory & Standing Supports review, I was sent a few items from the alluring Lodbrock bondage range to test and review. The second review is for this slightly smaller item, the Lodbrock Hand Stocks (available here). Smaller, but by no means less sensationally wicked!

Lodbrock Hand Stocks Review | Lodbrock Bondage Gear Reviews

Lodbrock Hand Stocks Review | Lodbrock Bondage Gear Reviews

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Delivery & Packaging

Like the Lodbrock Foot Tickling Pillory, the Lodbrock Hand Stocks arrives in a very thick outer cardboard box for delivery.

Lodbrock Hand Stocks Review | Lodbrock Bondage Gear Reviews

The outer boxes of the Lodbrock Pillories and Stocks I’ve received feature the big Lodbrock wheel logo, so if discretion is a priority for you, this is something to keep in mind.

First Impressions

The Lodbrock Hand Stocks design follows that of the rest of the range. It’s hand-crafted from that beautifully aromatic, aged new Zealand pine wood, while the edges boast glorious hand-cast metal for an almost medieval feel.

Its design is wondrously simple, like all the best things. The two halves of the Lodbrock Hand Stocks close to reveal two spaces for wrists to be put through, then the side can be locked closed with a padlock or closing method of your choice. These spaces are lined with two leather, Lodbrock logo embossed, removable magnetic buffers each – as with the Lodbrock pillories I own.

Setting Up

You could use the Lodbrock Chain Set (available separately) if you had the option to attach the Lodbrock Hand Stocks vertically or horizontally to a suitable ceiling/beam in your play space, but it’s also fun to use without the suspension element. I don’t have the room/suitable ceilings to attach any dungeon play equipment, unfortunately, so we’re forced to play ‘chain-free’. But not padlock-free, thank goodness!

The smaller size of the Lodbrock Hand Stocks makes this piece easier to store between uses; it simply slips under a bed, at the back of a wardrobe, in a suitcase or wherever else you might choose to discreetly keep it. It’s by no means feather-weight, being made of solid wood and edged with metal, but it’s obviously not as heavy or cumbersome as the larger size pillories. The Hand Stocks would make a great introduction to the range, in my opinion.

The Lodbrock Hand Stocks During Use

Like I say, compared to the main Lodbrock Pillory Set, and the Lodbrock Foot Tickling Pillory, these hand stocks were a relief in terms of weight! Much lighter, while retaining that dramatic look and stern feel which many bondage enthusiasts find so alluring.

Basically, you can use the Lodbrock Hand Stocks pretty much like your typical bondage wrist cuffs –albeit a heavier, solid, all-in-one wrist bondage piece. Wrists can be placed in them either in front of, or behind the person (dependent on flexibility and what your plans are, of course). With these solid, heavyweight pieces from Lodbrock it’s especially important to consider the bound person’s comfort at all times. We chose not to use mouth gags while using any of the equipment, as we both knew it was essential that I could ‘traffic light’, ‘safe out’ with my safeword or else verbally communicate how I felt at every stage of the bondage session.

How you personally play is of course up to you, but we found that keeping verbal communication all the way open it helped ensure a fun –and not non-consensually painful- session.

The most comfortable way for me to use the Lodbrock Hand Stocks is with my wrists in front of me (and, I must say, without the 6-inch heels adorning my feet in the photos!). You could use the hand stocks with your wrists bound in it behind you, too –but I have an old shoulder injury which makes this position particularly (non-consensually) painful for me.

Despite the smaller size of the Lodbrock Hand Stocks compared to the pillories, I love that I’m still forced to move slowly and carefully when bound into it –or be moved, if my position is too awkward or otherwise bound for me to be able to move of my own accord. It’s an incredibly intense bound feeling, and a dependency on the Dominant/Top of the session. I found it much more intense and drew deeper on the trusting bond with my partner than when we use other, more typical wrist cuffs and bondage items.

I am also very grateful for the thoughtful addition of magnetically attached buffers within the wrist spaces –one at the top of each, and one at the bottom- all embossed with the Lodbrock logo. These help to keep my bondage stern but consensually so, rather than chafing and overly painful.

Thanks to the metal clasp and loop closure to the side, the Lodbrock Hand Stocks are also lockable using a padlock or other locking device from your own collection too. This serves to heighten the intensity of the bondage session even further… being conscious that not only have you been placed into this heavy wrist restraint, but you’re under lock and key. Having this large item locked round your hands certainly makes me aware of every movement –whether my own, or my partner’s.


Despite being one of the smaller bondage pieces from the Lodbrock collection, the Lodbrock Hand Stocks deliver an intense mental as well as physical bondage session every time. The combination of fine handcrafting, high quality materials and finish which appeal to every sense, and the thrilling versatility of use, opens up a luxurious variety of play potential to explore.

A brilliant starting place upon which to build your Lodbrock bondage gear collection (and indeed, dungeon, if you’re so lucky) – or an exquisite add-on to your existing selection.

Buy Your Lodbrock Hand Stocks Today

You can buy your Lodbrock Hand Stocks from the Lodbrock website at the current RRP of $99.

Or simply click through the shop the entire range –see what takes your particular fancy.

Lodbrock Hand Stocks Review | Lodbrock Bondage Gear Reviews

Thanks so much to Lodbrock for sending the Lodbrock Hand Stocks to me free of charge, in exchange for this fair and honest review.

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Lodbrock Hand Stocks Review | Lodbrock Bondage Gear Reviews

Lodbrock Hand Stocks Review | Lodbrock Bondage Gear Reviews

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  1. The Lodbrock pieces are gorgeous but I must say, you look absolutely stunning in these photos! That corset is amazing on you <3

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