Lodbrock Foot Tickling Pillory Review (With Standing Supports)

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Lodbrock Foot Tickling Pillory Review (With Standing Supports)

Remember my first Lodbrock bondage furniture review? Hopefully you do, as I must say it was pretty epic. An epic review for an epic piece of kit – the Lodbrock Handmade Wooden BDSM Pillory Set. Lodbrock kindly sent me another few pieces to review, one of which is the Lodbrock Foot Tickling Pillory (available here) that I’m reviewing today. I was also sent the Lodbrock Standing Supports, available separately, which are advisable to use with the pillory. Plus the Lodbrock Hand Stocks.

Lodbrock Foot Tickling Pillory Review | Bondage Gear With Standing Supports

Lodbrock Foot Tickling Pillory Review | Bondage Gear With Standing Supports

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Delivery & Packaging

Unlike the Lodbrock Pillory Set, the Lodbrock Foot Tickling Pillory just comes in a very thick outer cardboard box for delivery, without its own storage case. This makes sense, as it’s an item from the range and not a set in its own right. Likewise, the Lodbrock Standing Supports came bubble-wrapped within their own outer cardboard box.

Lodbrock Foot Tickling Pillory Review | Bondage Gear With Standing Supports

The outer boxes of the Lodbrock Pillories and Stocks I’ve received do have the big Lodbrock wheel logo on, so if discretion is an issue for you, that’s something to bear in mind. Maybe get them delivered straight to your dungeon (well… we can all dream).

First Impressions

At first glance, it took me a moment to realise the differences between this Lodbrock Foot Tickling Pillory and the first item I reviewed, the Lodbrock Handmade Wooden BDSM Pillory. They’re both rectangular, about the same size, handmade with that gorgeous, aromatic aged New Zealand pine wood and edged with hand casted metal. Then I realised. No head hole!

Instead of the central head hole and side wrist spaces, the Lodbrock Foot Tickling Pillory has a larger and smaller hole formed by the two halves of the separable, lockable wooden pillory – larger for ankles, and two optional spaces for wrists. These spaces are lined with two leather, Lodbrock logo embossed, removable magnetic buffers each – just like with my original Lodbrock Handmade Wooden BDSM Pillory.

Setting Up

Used with the metal chains/suspension attachments that came with the original Pillory Set (which are also available separately), this Lodbrock Foot Tickling Pillory could be used in an upright position. I –probably like many people- don’t have the ceiling beams/space/spare dungeon to attach brackets and chains to, which is where the Lodbrock Standing Supports come in.

By setting each side of the Lodbrock Foot Tickling Pillory into one of the Lodbrock Standing Supports, you have a much more stable pillory to play with. Especially considering its main suggested purpose: tickling fetish. Those feet –and the rest of them- are going to be moving around quite a bit, so without the standing supports this pillory would likely be incredibly uncomfortable/sore for the one bound in the pillory. Putting it mildly.

By selling the Lodbrock Standing Supports and Chain Set separately, you can decide how you’re going to safely and relatively comfortably use the Lodbrock Foot Tickling Pillory. Or buy both, for true versatility in your play space.

The Lodbrock Foot Tickling Pillory During Use

We had enormous fun trying out and playing with the Lodbrock Foot Tickling Pillory. I wore heels in some of the pics, for photography purposes only -but in reality, it’s much better (& safer for your ankles, or if you’re standing) without shoes. And without hosiery -unless that’s part of someone’s kink, obviously.

The tickling element of this pillory is the primary suggested use, but of course it’s simply a fantastic, well-made piece of bondage equipment or furniture that is tied to no other kink or fetish than bondage itself.

I love that the ankle and wrist spaces each have their own removable, magnetic buffers to top and bottom, to help prevent chafing and discomfort during lock-up. The side of the pillory can be just slid shut (carefully, take care to do this slowly so you don’t trap any skin) with the metal catch or you can add a padlock or other locking mechanism from your collection for additional intensity.

Then it’s up to you how you play! Perhaps you do share a tickling fetish, or fancy a new ankle restraint while the rest of the person is stood up and otherwise shackled (ceiling restraint, cross, wall restraints etc). The comfiest way we found to use it was when I lay down, with my ankles through the spaces (the pillory in the standing supports to take its weight/make it stable) so my body weight was fully supported. My wrists could be bound in front of me, or separately to the sides, giving him the freedom to explore, tease, tickle and torment at will.

The Lodbrock Foot Tickling Pillory is a heavyweight, rigid bondage piece which brooks no argument. With these solid, heavyweight pieces from Lodbrock it’s especially important to consider the bound person’s comfort at all times. We chose not to use mouth gags while using any of the Lodbrock bondage equipment, as we both felt it essential that I could ‘traffic light’, ‘safe out’ with my safeword or otherwise verbally communicate how I felt at every stage of the play session.

How you personally play is of course up to you, but we found that keeping verbal communication all the way open it helped ensure a fun –and not non-consensually painful- session.


Whether you have a specific tickling fetish or a love of strict bondage and discipline, the Lodbrock Foot Tickling Pillory is sure to impress and satisfy. Despite being a large and heavyweight item of bondage gear, it offers a multitude of fun uses giving you plenty of versatility and variety in your kinky playtimes.

Optional extras such as the standing supports and chain set allow you to decide between using the pillory (or indeed the submissive/bottom) in an upright or in a horizontal position. The Lodbrock Foot Tickling Pillory is also lockable using a padlock or other locking device from your own collection too, thanks to the metal clasp and loop closure to the side.

This is another beautifully handcrafted piece from the Lodbrock range which appeals to every one of the senses and offers devilish play potential.

Buy Your Lodbrock Foot Tickling Pillory Today

You can buy your Lodbrock Foot Tickling Pillory from the Lodbrock website where it has the current RRP of $198.

The Lodbrock Standing Supports are available separately for $69.95, while the Lodbrock Chain Set is available here for $95.

Or simply click through to shop the entire range –see what takes your particular fancy.

Lodbrock Foot Tickling Pillory Review | Bondage Gear With Standing Supports

Thanks so much to Lodbrock for sending the Lodbrock Foot Tickling Pillory & Standing Supports to me free of charge, in exchange for this fair and honest review.

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Lodbrock Foot Tickling Pillory Review | Bondage Gear With Standing Supports

Lodbrock Foot Tickling Pillory Review | Bondage Gear With Standing Supports

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