Linx Pumped Up Smoke Penis Pump Review

7 out of 10

Linx Pumped Up Smoke Penis Pump Review

By Minxy Mischief

I’d like to thank Cara Sutra for sending the Linx Pumped Up Smoke Penis Pump to test and review.

Linx Pumped Up Smoke Penis Pump Review by the Pleasure Panel

Neither my partner or I had any experience of using a penis pump and we were both interested in seeing if and how one works and if it had any affect. The Linx Pumped Up Smoke Penis Pump is ideal if you want to try a penis pump and aren’t sure if it is for you or not. The pump comes ready assembled in a box. There are no instructions on how to use it but thankfully it’s very straight forward. There are no guidelines on if it should be used for a certain amount of time for maximum effect, this would have been helpful. The pump is latex and phthalate free. The stretchy sleeve is made from TPE rubber, it has textured nubs on the inside. Attached to the cylinder is a flexible tube and quick release valve, on the end is a pump action bulb.

Linx Pumped Up Smoke Penis Pump Review by the Pleasure Panel

For those interested in the measurements of the Linx Pumped Up Smoke Penis Pump. With the sleeve intact the circumference is 5 3/4in and the length 7in. With the sleeve removed which is super easy, 6.5in circumference and 7.5in length. The flexible tube measures 10in. We both found the bulb a little on the stiff side.

Down to business! My partner coated the rim of the Linx Pumped Up Smoke Penis Pump with a little water based lube to get good suction and placed it over his erect penis and proceeded to pump. He is of average length but more on the girthy side of normal. He found that with the sleeve intact that it was a bit on the tight side. He found the textured nubs on the inside of the sleeve more annoying than anything, they didn’t add anything to the experience. The quick release valve came into play and it worked perfectly.

He decided to try it without the sleeve which he preferred. Without the sleeve, it gives you a bit more growing room.

With the cylinder being smooth he found this more comfortable and were able to continue with testing. I thought I would have a go at the pumping and agreed that the bulb was a bit on the stiff side. I did enjoy giving it a shot and being part of the testing. The cylinder is a smoked plastic but you can still clearly see what is happening inside and you could certainly see things happening. He also tried the pump in the shower which seemed to have more effect. We could see the Linx Pumped Up Smoke Penis Pump working and after it was released there was a difference in length and girth but not a huge difference. He didn’t have the chance to use it every day so we are unsure if using it every day would be more effective.

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The Linx Pumped Up Smoke Penis Pump is super easy to clean, some warm soapy water or toy cleaner is ideal. As it doesn’t have any mechanical parts it’s safe to immerse in water or use it in the bath or shower. The sleeve is easy to remove. Getting it back in is a little trickier, I used a long handled spoon to help me and it worked perfectly!

Ideally my partner would have liked the cylinder a bit bigger, definitely wider but for someone on the smaller side this wouldn’t be an issue. We did have some laughs and fun while testing the Linx Pumped Up Smoke Penis Pump.

Linx Pumped Up Smoke Penis Pump Review by the Pleasure Panel

If you wanted to try a pump and were unsure if it’s something for you then this Linx Pumped Up Smoke Penis Pump would be ideal to give you a feel for a penis pump.

Pros – Well built, quality materials, easy to use.
Cons – A bit on the small side (for my partner), lack of instructions and how to get the best results.

Overall 7/10

– Minxy Mischief

Thanks to Pleasure Panel reviewer Minxy Mischief for this review of the Linx Pumped Up Smoke Penis Pump.

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