Linx Miss Vicki Mini Realistic Masturbator Review

9 out of 10

Linx Miss Vicki Mini Realistic Masturbator Review

By Miss Anna

I have been given the opportunity to review the Linx Miss Vicki Mini Realistic Masturbator by the Pleasure panel, run by Cara Sutra.

Whilst (being female) I cannot use the masturbator on myself, I do have a little experience using similar devices on play partners, so this is what the practical element of my review will be based on.


The Linx Miss Vicki Mini Realistic Masturbator came neatly packaged, the outer packaging consisting of a small cardboard box with a clear and true image of the product displayed on the front. The colour scheme is simple, with a small branding logo visible at the top of the box.

Care instructions are clearly listed to the side of the box along with any precautions you should take when storing this item, which I think is fantastic as this can be a real problem among storing toys of different colours and materials, this is something which is all too often overlooked by manufactures. The back of the box gives the items ‘vital stats’ listing the material which this toy is made of, as well as length, width, internal measurements and weight.

The back of the box also includes a diagram of the internal structure of this item clearly labelling the various openings this masturbator boasts. Something that I particularly like about the outer packaging of this item is that it is easily recyclable. Well designed, informative and environmentally friendly; in my opinion this packaging ticks all the right boxes!

The internal packaging consists of a simple light plastic bag, sealed with tape which could most probably be used to store the item safely after use. There is no further information included in the box as everything you need to know is conveniently printed on the outer of the box.

Look And ‘Feel’ Of The Masturbator

The Linx Miss Vicki Mini Realistic Masturbator is immensely pleasing on the eye, neat, pretty and stylish with a devilish ‘draw’ – the masturbator looks not only impressive but certainly appealing too.  The vulva (labia, clit and hood) are realistic in appearance, with a small opening for the entrance of the masturbator. The inner sleeve is bumpy and covered in small nodules with a complex and varying canal that resembles the female anatomy. This masturbator is sturdy, yet also feels fantastically real in both texture and weight. The fake skin is smooth and silky, not at all sticky unlike many similar rivals.

The Linx Miss Vicki Mini Realistic Masturbator boasts an additional insertion hole at the top of the toy to allow for a small bullet vibrator to be inserted, this runs alongside the main sleeve to give added stimulation if wanted. This really is a thoughtful addition and doesn’t hinder the performance of the toy if you were to choose to dismiss this use.

The ‘shaft’ is ribbed, this looks attractive, but it also significantly helps with gripping the masturbator when in use, especially when using lubricants, oil etc.

The Masturbator In Use

I have used the Linx Miss Vicki Mini Realistic Masturbator on both my partner and on many of my submissives with delightful effect!

Linx Miss Vicki Mini Realistic Masturbator Review

Each time I have simply lubricated the inner sleeve, whilst also applying just a little lubricant to the inside of the labia to help with a smooth insertion. The supple material accommodates a variety of penis widths. My partner (who is quite wide) has found many personal masturbators to be excessively tight and in specific uncomfortable in pulling his foreskin back when using the masturbation toy, this one however has been an absolute dream with no such problems to date.

My partner commented in specific on the varying widths and sensations within the sleeve, changing from looser, to tighter and then even changing directions at times. A full and detailed diagram of the canal can be found on the outer of the box, but this well thought out design adds just a little extra when enjoying various sensations.

I enjoy using the Linx Miss Vicki Mini Realistic Masturbator in specific when my subject is particularly turned on, just a few strokes with this has them begging me to stop before the inevitable happens…

Linx Miss Vicki Mini Realistic Masturbator Review

After use we soap up the inner sleeve, being careful to also wash the bullet insertion hole as this seems to collect lubricant, as well as the creases in the vulva and ribbed outer. A wash under the tap seems to do the job perfectly and as the insertion sleeve runs the length of the masturbator you can direct a stream of running water throughout the whole toy giving you a thorough clean with no hint of anything getting bypassed. A little trick that I have found to help with drying consists of threading a twisted piece of kitchen towel through the length of the toy and leaving for a couple of hours. This collects any moisture from the internal of the toy (I always find these very difficult to dry properly), and an airing before storing away ensures the toy is dry and ready for use the next time around.


Linx Miss Vicki Mini Realistic Masturbator Review

Despite initially being a little dubious as to the effectiveness and comfort when using the Linx Miss Vicki Mini Realistic Masturbator, both myself and the receiving parties have been more than impressed. The look, the realistic skin like feel and the amount of ‘give’ in the material this toy is made of is really something to shout about. Miss Vicki does exactly what she is intended to and is about as close to realistic as these devices come. Simple, effective and reasonably priced – a great essential for the toy collection.


– Miss Anna

Where To Buy

Thanks to Pleasure Panel reviewer Miss Anna for this review of the Linx Miss Vicki Mini Realistic Masturbator

Linx Miss Vicki Mini Realistic Masturbator Review

The Linx Miss Vicki Mini Realistic Masturbator was sent free of charge, in exchange for a fair and honest review by the Pleasure Panel. This review contains affiliate links.

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