Linx Emperor Penis Sleeve Review

8 out of 10

Linx Emperor Penis Sleeve Review

By eliza93marie

So September round of review products for the Pleasure Panel is here. I almost always try to nab something new to me. This month I was thrilled to see the Linx Emperor Penis Sleeve was part of the package. I was very lucky to get selected to review this product.

Linx Emperor Penis Sleeve Review


   This product is made from very stretchy TPE. The box was full of useful information including length (7”/18 cm +), girth (41/2”/ 11 cm+), and material type. There is also pictures on the front and back.

   On the base of the Linx Emperor Penis Sleeve shaft is a small hole which acts as the anchor. There is also texture inside (notches and nubs) and outside (ribs) of the sleeve.

Linx Emperor Penis Sleeve Review

Wearing the Sleeve:

   Where to begin? Let’s start with inserting a penis or putting it on a toy. So to start this penis sleeve, without proper lube, will create painful friction; so start with some (water-based) lube. Slowly slide the sleeve down the shaft of the penis or toy, so that the hole is on the bottom side of the shaft. Once the sleeve is down, insert the testicles through the anchor hole.


   Right now we are having to sneak away to have ANY playtime, so quickies have become a thing for us. This sleeve is an awesome product to have tested with what little time we have alone.

Linx Emperor Penis Sleeve Review

   The first time we used the Linx Emperor Penis Sleeve it wowed me. It isn’t so much the length that it changed which is great for me. A lot of the difference this sleeve made was in girth, and oh! boy was it a change. On top of adding girth, which was great, there was also a lot of (almost overwhelming for me) texture.

   The anchor hole actually seemed to postpone him cumming a bit longer, due to it being a tight fit.

   It felt fantastic on him, and I wanted to try it on a smaller toy that I have. So I put the sleeve on my Tracy’s Dog Dildo which has testicles. I recently reviewed this toy as well. It’s a bit on the smaller size so I hoped that the added girth would be a bonus.

   Once the Linx Emperor Penis Sleeve was in place, I slowly inserted it. As I had hoped, the added girth and more pronounced texture was definitely more pleasurable. I love texture on my toys! I still was unable to have an orgasm with just the dildo but adding a clit vibe set me over the edge.

   The only thing that I find that I didn’t love about this toy is the material it’s made from (TPE), because it is porous. You can clean this with warm soapy water or toy cleaner, but it can’t fully be clean or sanitised. You cannot bleach it or boil it. So no sharing this toy with more than one person.


   More than anything the Linx Emperor Penis Sleeve added girth and texture to my partner’s penis or my dildo or choice; which for me is fabulous! The sleeve also let Sir last longer. The down side to the Emperor is the material (TPE), which is porous; meaning it can’t be sanitised properly.

  Overall I am grateful for the opportunity to review new products each month. This product gets an 8/10 from me. It would be a 10 if this was silicone.

– eliza93marie

Thanks to Pleasure Panel reviewer eliza93marie for this review of the Linx Emperor Penis Sleeve.

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The Linx Emperor Penis Sleeve was sent free of charge, in exchange for a fair and honest review by the Pleasure Panel. This review contains affiliate links.


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