Linx Cyber Pro VR Stealth Stroker And VR Glasses Review

9 out of 10
Plastic, TPE

Linx Cyber Pro VR Stealth Stroker And VR Glasses Review

By KurosakiKun

As technology advances, inevitably pornography will not be far behind utilising the latest gadgets as soon as they become affordable for all.  The latest trend in gaming and movie watching is definitely Virtual Reality, putting you right into the game you’re playing or movie you’re watching in full 360 degree 3D visuals.  This Linx Cyber Pro VR Stealth Stroker And VR Glasses bundle contains a vibrating male masturbator and luxury VR headset, blending sex and tech together into an exciting package that genuinely had me desperate to try it out.  Having not owned or even used a VR headset I wasn’t exactly sure how it worked or where to get any videos to watch on it, so this testing experience was thoroughly fascinating (and extremely enjoyable).


The Linx Cyber Pro VR Stealth Stroker And VR Glasses bundle arrives in a compact box which is very businesslike. There are strong pictures of the product on the front and schematics of the devices on the back (which I think are a brilliant touch).  Listed on the back of the box are all the measurements you will need and complete guides for each part of the goodies inside.  It also informs you that the headset is smartphone compatible; the stroker is waterproof and vibrator compatible; the bullet vibe takes a replaceable battery and vibrates; and lastly that all the items are latex free and phthalate free!  The last two points are great news for anyone who is allergic to latex and who prefer their toys free of (potentially) health damaging phthalates, bonus!

In The Box

Linx Cyber Pro VR Stealth Stroker And VR Glasses Review

After slipping the outer sleeve off the Linx Cyber Pro VR Stealth Stroker And VR Glasses box we are greeted with another box which contains the VR headset, the stealth stroker, a leaflet with the same information that is on the outer faces of the box, a rather funky see through single speed bullet vibrator and a sachet of System JO H2O Strawberry lube (which tastes rather nice all you lube taste testers will be glad to read!).  All you need to get started!

Inside the VR headset box you will find the headset itself and a packet containing cleaning wipes, instructions and some small grey foam blocks, don’t lose these as they are quite important in securing your precious smartphone!  First thing to do is to read the instructions and familiarise yourself with the headset. The broken English isn’t the easiest to decipher but once you’ve had a play around it becomes straightforward to read.

Acquiring the VR Videos

Prior to getting my excited hands on the headset I had done some searching for videos so I didn’t have to mess around too much setting up. You can easily do a Google search to find websites which have plenty of free to view videos.  The leaflet which comes with the Linx Cyber Pro VR Stealth Stroker And VR Glasses kit also has a QR code you can scan which takes you to the Linx website. There you’ll find free samples to try and plenty of premium content.  I settled myself on an interesting poolside scene starring five pretty ladies and one guy whose eyes you are viewing the entire scene from, groovy!

This is where it starts to get complicated…

Using A Smartphone With The Headset

To set up the entire VR experience inside the headset you need to pull open the front compartment, slide the lock left and pull back the foam covered ‘clamp’. This will then give you access to put your smartphone into the correct position for you to then view.  After experimenting I found the best way to start is to play the VR clip you have chosen, line up the white line on the video with the middle of the viewing holes then clamp the phone.

The first time you do this and the phone is lined up perfectly, you will then utilise the foam blocks I told you not to lose earlier, I popped one at the bottom of the phone and one to the side which means I can get the phone into the perfect position every time I use it. Time saving is always a bonus!

It is worth noting as well that you will have to choose the correct VR setting for the video you are watching. It’s amazingly important that you start the video and have it split into two screens on your phone, one for your left eye and one for the right (this creates the depth when you eventually put the headset on!) I found that I had to play around with the settings quite a bit to get it right for the headset.

Linx Cyber Pro VR Stealth Stroker And VR Glasses Review

Word Of Warning

One word of warning: once you have started the video, clamped the phone in and closed the compartment, you cannot access the touch screen or change the volume and it takes a good while to take the headset off and get the phone back out, so choose your video carefully… Don’t do what I did and put a 2 minute video on for your first test!  I hadn’t even started using the stroker and the video had ended!  It can be tricky and very frustrating if something goes wrong and you need to access the phone, fortunately once you have learnt from your initial mistakes future uses will be quicker and easier.

Now we have set up the headset and got our chosen sexy video playing, you just need to put the headset on. The eye guard is made of faux leather, is comfortable and the thick elastic head straps are easily adjustable in length.  So on goes the headset, and looking through both eyepieces you should see a clear, crisp picture. If not, there are two adjusters on the top of the headset for focal and pupil distance control which should clear up any blurriness (choosing the highest quality resolution video available also makes this a lot better).

Immersive Experience

I was actually amazed the first time I used the Linx Cyber Pro VR Stealth Stroker And VR Glasses with a good quality video playing. It actually feels like you are in that room; the 3D effect is impressive and the fact you can look around the room at what you want is brilliant.  The scene I was watching had things happening to the left, right and in the background that I could shift my focus to while watching, it truly is impressive.

The Penis Stroker

Linx Cyber Pro VR Stealth Stroker And VR Glasses Review

Onto the stroker. At first glance I thought it looked rather bland, in grey packaging and the non-lifelike hole on the bottom of the toy.  Fortunately this stroker is anything but bland, it actually knocked my socks off not once but twice!  6 inches of inner length is enough for the average Joe and made of TPE and ABS it feels super soft but supple. It seems to warm to your body temperature as well.

During Use

The first time I used the stroker I lubed it up before putting the headset on and got into the scene. Unfortunately you will have to go in blind while using the headset so make sure you have used sufficient lube, you don’t want to have to keep taking the headset off.  I had the vibrator in the sleeve and entered the stroker for the first time. The way it gripped my shaft took my breath away. The vibrations from the bullet are surprisingly strong as well, stimulating the glans just right.

It didn’t take long at all to reach orgasm, the combination of the incredibly immersive porn scene and my tightly swallowed cock which was being vibrated to within an inch of its life caused an impressively intense climax… The kind where you lie for a while not moving, just savouring what you have just achieved, almost glowing.  That was the first mind-blowing orgasm…Linx Cyber Pro VR Stealth Stroker And VR Glasses Review

Adding Suction Stimulation

The second came without the vibrator in and I discovered the little finger hole on the top of the stroker which adjusts suction. Now, I own quite a few masturbation sleeves, some basic and some with vibrator options. None of them have a suction hole anywhere near this fantastic masturbator.  As soon as I placed a finger over the hole it clamped down like a vice on me, the vacuum it creates is so strong that it’s actually difficult to move – which is bloody fantastic.

Once I had worked out how to get it moving slightly, the feeling was the epitome of being milked. Sorry for the graphic description, but I could actually feel it pushing the pre-cum up my urethra and that feels like paradise.  I had to stop and start as the orgasm was there in 30 seconds (if not less) and I didn’t want to lose those sensations so quickly.  Obviously when I allowed it, the orgasm was earth shattering, amazing, sublime and more.  I can’t praise it enough.  I have never had the pleasure of using one, but I’ve always been told that Fleshlights are the Bentley of male strokers; if they are better than this they must be perfection.

Noise Levels

The only negative thing about this sleeve is that with the vibrator in it is loud!  It rattles off the casing which in turn echoes that noise.  The kit isn’t the kind of thing I would indulge in with a houseful of guests anyhow, so to me it’s not a great issue.

Clean-up After Use

Cleanup of the sleeve is simple. Take out the insert and rinse with warm water and antibacterial cleaner. I found that it reversed easily so you can clean it properly.  Once clean, like any sleeve you can pat it dry or leave to drip dry.  A little rejuvenation powder won’t go amiss to keep it tip top. The headset shouldn’t get messy but if it does need cleaning it can just be wiped down easily.

In Conclusion

This Linx Cyber Pro VR Stealth Stroker And VR Glasses set is brilliant. It’s a top class male masturbator which will be used again and again. The VR is amazing (once you have worked out how to use it).  Using them together is a completely new experience and can really energize a masturbation session.

The Linx Cyber Pro VR Stealth Stroker And VR Glasses is fully deserving of 9/10 for a score, it would have been 10/10 but setting up the VR on your phone and into the headset can be very niggly/time consuming.  Cara, thank you so much for this technological wonder!


– KurosakiKun

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