The Las Vegas Madam by Jami Rodman – Pleasure Panel Book Review

10 out of 10

The Las Vegas Madam by Jami Rodman – Book Review

By Pleasure Panel reviewer Kittycat102

When I first saw this book (The Las Vegas Madam: The Escorts, The Clients, The Truth by Jami Rodman) up for review for the Pleasure Panel, I was slightly sceptical of it. Why? Because books about sex workers were often the same. They always seem amazingly unrealistic and like escorting is just all fun and games. I’ve never been a sex worker, but I do know that any type of work is just that. Work. It doesn’t matter if you’re the boss of a major company, or having sex for a living. I feel like jobs and careers all have responsibilities, consequences and challenges no matter what you have to do to keep yourself above water.

The Las Vegas Madam The Escorts The Clients The Truth by Jami Rodman

Jami Rodman definitely surprised me with her telling of her life as a prostitute, an escort, a madam, and a highly respected businesswoman. I love how she talks about her first sexual experiences at quite a young age, it reminded me a lot of myself when I experimented with everyday objects or even objects like my cuddly toys. Jami grew up with very strict and religious parents, not something that I can relate to completely but I was raised by my grandparents, who were quite strict. And I, like Jami, eventually felt thankful for it in some ways the older I got.

Fast forward a little bit and we get to Haley Heston in more depth, Jami’s alter ego. I didn’t know what to exactly think when I was reading the sex scenes. They felt cold and sad, even when Haley achieved orgasms with her clients sometimes. I just felt like it’s the way I am towards sex. I don’t feel connection to anyone when I have sex with them, so much so that I now avoid sexual contact with people because it just makes me feel even more lonely than I normally would. Sex doesn’t fill a void, at least not for me. And it didn’t seem to for Haley either.

Jami does find love with a man at one point, sort of like he was her break from her life in Vegas. I know how that felt. I myself found someone last year who I thought I was meant to be with, although it didn’t work out. I honestly didn’t think I would relate to Jami, or even Haley sometimes, but I did. It’s strange but Jami also went on a downward spiral when she became a drug addict and an alcoholic. I’ve never been either of those things, but when I was growing up, I was beginning to go down that path, just to feel anything. Something. But it never works like that.

When I got further into the Las Vegas Madam, I was honestly really happy for Jami/Haley when I read about her forming her own business. I was just so pleased to find that she’d found her calling in life, and she was helping out other escorts by saving them from the dangers of Vegas and the people that inhabited the city. Mainly the pimps. When Jami’s/Haley’s business was exposed, I felt sad once again. But Jami just did everything she could to protect her models and clients, not giving up once. I applauded Jami for that, it’s definitely not an easy thing to do at all.

I won’t spoil the ending to Jami Rodman’s utterly raw and beautiful telling of her life, but it is a great one!

I will say that when I was a little girl, I had always wanted to visit Vegas. It seemed so glamorous and exciting with its flashing lights and beautiful showgirls. But Jami Rodman’s story tells you in the most sad, exciting, erotic and fabulous way possible that Vegas is not all that it appears to be. I feel like she’s become my hero. Definitely don’t give the Las Vegas Madam a miss, you won’t regret it!

– Kittycat102

Thanks to Pleasure Panel reviewer Kittycat102 for this review of The Las Vegas Madam: The Escorts, the Clients, the Truth by Jami Rodman (available from Amazon for £6.59 e-book version – hard copy also available)

This e-book was provided free of charge, in exchange for a fair and honest review by the Pleasure Panel, by the author. Thank you! 🙂

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