LAID B1 Stone Plug Pleasure Panel Review

8 out of 10

LAID B1 Stone Plug Review

By Pleasure Panel reviewer Red Hot Suz

Guys. You can put a piece of 500 million-year-old stone. In. Your. Ass. Just breath for a minute and let it sink in that a rock that was around during the time where the first animals were exploring the land, was sculpted so you can sit on it. Ain’t life grand?

The B.1 Stone Plug is a product by the appropriately named company, Laid. Laid is a Norwegian company paving it’s way into the sexual wellbeing industry through its use of stone and silicone products. The LAID B1 Stone Plug is made out of Absolute Black Granite and weighs approximately 6 oz with an insertable length of 3 inches. It’s 3.5 inches around at it’s widest part, and tapers down to a slim 2 inches at the neck. The plug is shaped in an elegant and curved asymmetrical form, differentiating itself from the majority of other butt plugs on the market. The unique form ends in a bulky base.

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Since reviewing the nJoy Pure Plug, I’ve been waiting for another plug to review that was heavy. The weighted feeling was one of the main reasons I liked my Pure Plug, so I was interested to see how another company could utilise a substantial material to their advantage. Laid decided to craft 500 million year old (approx.) granite for this LAID B1 Stone Plug and their D.2 Stone Dildo. The choice to use such a historic base for these sex toys was well decided, as the pressure that the LAID B1 Stone Plug supplies to my ass is one that matches the mass of the Pure Plug, while adding the cool factor of an ancient rock being in your bum.

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The granite is smooth and sleek, making it easy to slide right into your backside (with lube of course!). It’s phthalate-free, non-porous and incredibly easy to clean. The stone, just like stainless steel, also retains temperature. Run this under some cold or hot water and this will change the sensations your bum with experience. Even if you decide not to do that, it will warm up using your body heat when inserted.

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Other than the material, the LAID B1 Stone Plug also supplies distinctiveness via it’s shape. Most people (and their butts) like a balanced feeling but Laid created the B.1 to have an offset silhouette which creates a different look from every angle. This creates an unusual first impression when inserted. At first, the unequal shape felt foreign and unsettling, but once I became accustomed to the unusual feel, it became very enjoyable. When I would move around with it in, it would provide a ray of different sensations due to the asymmetrical nature of the plug. The size of the LAID B1 Stone Plug is perfect for me. I prefer small to medium plugs, and the LAID B1 Stone Plug falls somewhere in the middle. I didn’t need much warm up for it to slip easily into my asshole.

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I expected the LAID B1 Stone Plug to be hard to remove, as the base doesn’t work as a handle. I assumed that rock + lube would equal a slippery challenge to remove it from my bottom. Despite my pre-conception, Laid managed to make it’s half-hexagon shaped base very easy to remove, even semi-covered in some Sliquid. Though I would not recommend this for long term use sitting down, as the base isn’t the most fitting to the crevasse of an ass crack.

I think that any anal aficionado should have this lovely, historic plug in their collection. Its elegance, material and rare physique make it not only great for climaxing, but for showcasing on your sex toy shelf.

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– Red Hot Suz

Thanks to Pleasure Panel reviewer Red Hot Suz for this review of the LAID B1 Stone Plug (available from AmazingO for £59.99)

The LAID B1 Stone Plug was sent free of charge, in exchange for a fair and honest review by the Pleasure Panel, by Thank you! 🙂


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