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La Contessa by S Nano, Erotic Book Review

By Pleasure Panel reviewer CandySnatch

An accusation levied at erotica is it often lacks plot. Not so with La Contessa by S Nano. I was sent this book by Cara Sutra to review for Pleasure Panel and unusually for me I’ve taken my time reading it. This is by no means a poor reflection on La Contessa. I savoured every page.

La Contessa by S Nano Erotic Book Review La Contessa by S Nano Erotic Book Review

La Contessa by S Nano Erotic Book ReviewSet in the opulent setting of Venice in the 18th Century the imagery is pure splendour. Roberto works as a prostitute in the back streets around the canals. He’s young, handsome and fit, enjoying bringing debauched sexual pleasure to his clients. Whilst servicing two particularly horny transvestites he realises he’s watched by a shadowy figure.

After one of the horniest threesomes I’ve read Roberto catches his voyeur who he uncovers as a young girl called Julia. Julia is the personal maid of La Contessa. La Contessa is notorious in Venice for her beauty and sexual exploits. A famed Dominatrix, she throws regular soirées full of people of high importance. Here her house slaves service their every sexual whim. Julia has been sent out into Venice to find a male slave for La Contessa to play with.

After testing Roberto’s suitability for the household it’s clear there is chemistry between Roberto and Julia. Roberto decides the opportunity to become part of La Contessa’s court is too good to miss. Especially if he gets to spend time with Julia into the bargain. Julia warns him that La Contessa doesn’t allow sexual dalliances between her staff and their relationship would have to be secret.

Roberto is enchanted by La Contessa, her almost regal opulence and how she exudes power and sexuality. Straight away La Contessa makes it clear she requires submission from her slaves. Total submission. Roberto is put through a baptism of fire. His submission is tested to extreme levels which he passes thanks to his experience on the streets. He quickly finds his place in the household as her male slave, her possession.

Julia and Roberto’s relationship begins to deepen and it’s clear they have feelings for each other. This becomes complicated when La Contessa rescues a young girl from a trafficker. The beautiful Becky joins the household as the female counterpart to Roberto. La Contessa enjoys thrusting them together in sexual scenarios and watching Julia squirm. The couple begin to suspect La Contessa may know about their relationship. The household has factions at work, these envy the influence and affection the couple hold in La Contessa’s presence.

La Contessa has political ambitions and considerable power and wealth, it soon becomes clear she’s playing a game at the highest political levels in Venice. Will she succeed in this risky gamble? Will Roberto and Julia get caught?

I loved the plot in this book. S Nano has managed to keep it sexy enough to make me almost permanently turned on whilst reading it but there is actual story and emotion to it as well. The writing is good, long descriptive passages transform me to 18th century Venice. I can picture the art and architecture as well as the gorgeous attire worn by La Contessa.

The sex in La Contessa is graphic. From a pornographic marionette show using human puppets to a huge BDSM masked ball La Contessa’s tastes are strong and the pain she likes to inflict on her subs is extreme. If submission and Domination aren’t your thing then you probably won’t enjoy this book. For me there were a couple of scenes which bordered on uncomfortable. The moment when La Contessa punishes Roberto for being captured during a human hunt by literally putting him on a spit roast had me wincing.

Nano’s well written sex scenes leave me tingling in anticipation and wanting to play myself. Reading the well-structured, thought out scenes of prediction bondage and humiliation turns me on with ease.

There is less extreme sex within La Contessa, Julia and Roberto’s relationship doesn’t seem to involve BDSM and their interactions are almost gentle. However, the play within the story is very universal, lots of MM, FF, and a fair bit of group play peppers the many varied sexual scenes played out in the Palazzo. The descriptions are detailed and explicit.

The characters are the best part of La Contessa. Despite being the name sake of the book, I feel like La Contessa is a supporting role to Julia and Roberto’s story of their time in her household. She is formidably written but you don’t learn much about her as a person, apart from what she gives away in her sexual games. Despite her cruelty as a Domme she is kind and considerate of her staff and people in general. She shows a contempt for people who misuse their power.

Julia seems to go on a journey to find herself in La Contessa, as the plot unfolds she discovers layers to her character that aren’t necessarily apparent during that first scene in the canals with Roberto. She has Dominant tendencies which she isn’t aware of and harbours a deep love for her employer which also leans towards submission. She develops from a maid to a player in La Contessa’s sexual games.

Roberto has the most well-rounded character for me. He’s the stories narrator and so obviously this gives us the best insight into his thoughts about the developing situations. He is intelligent and likeable with a tendency towards a charming cockiness and slight arrogance.

Becky is a bit of a mystery. She doesn’t have much in the way of opportunities to show her personality outside of La Contessa’s games. She has a connection with La Contessa’s friend Mademoiselle La Tour and appears to be Mademoiselles favourite toy in La Contessa’s household. Despite Julia’s jealousy and mistrust of Becky to start with she becomes a close friend and helps Julia and Roberto to continue with their relationship.

I thoroughly enjoyed reading La Contessa. Nano has created a portal into the debauched world of the Venetian aristocracy which both entranced me and turned me on. If you are looking for a bit of escapism and enjoy BDSM, La Contessa by S Nano is the perfect way to achieve this.

I’d rate La Contessa 8/10. My only real complaint was I would have liked it to have been a bit longer.

Thank you so much to Cara Sutra and S Nano for sending me La Contessa to review. I was sent this item free of charge in exchange for an honest and impartial review.

– CandySnatch

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Thanks to Pleasure Panel reviewer CandySnatch for this review of the erotic e-book, La Contessa by S Nano.

La Contessa by S Nano Erotic Book Review La Contessa by S Nano Erotic Book Review

La Contessa by S Nano was sent free of charge, in exchange for a fair and honest review by the Pleasure Panel, by the author. Thank you! 

La Contessa by S Nano Erotic Book Review

La Contessa by S Nano Erotic Book Review

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