Kiotos Deluxe Leather Collar Review

9 out of 10

Kiotos Deluxe Leather Collar Review

By Mistress Pippa

So where do I start? Oh yes, received the Kiotos Deluxe Leather Collar as part of the Cara Sutra Pleasure Panel in return for an honest review.


Packaging & Presentation

The packaging for the Kiotos Deluxe Leather Collar was very simple but eye catching. It also made it easy to get a feel for the collar as there was no plastic wrapping to cover it. It costs £25.95 but the Kiotos sex toys collection start at just £9.95.

The Kiotos Deluxe Leather Collar itself is made of 100% real leather, soft to the touch and I must say very supple. Most leather collars I’ve used have been quite hard and uncomfortable for the submissive wearing them. This I must say is quite the opposite.


The inner side of the collar is padded and covered in exceptionally soft leather with a delicate rippled surface, it is non abrasive to the skin and has no sharp or rough edges to damage the skin.

On the outer side there is a base of slightly harder leather which is well stitched onto the padded section, then on top of that there is the strap which is attached to the front side with 4 smooth rounded studs, fixed in the centre there is an average sized D-ring.


There are plenty of adjustment holes in the strap for it to fit both male and female, the buckle is fairly standard. The only two things I found lacking was nowhere to attach a padlock, if you wanted to lock your play partner into the collar, and it could also do with an extra loop to hold the loose end of the strap as it tends to flap about a little during play.

Kiotos Deluxe Leather Collar Review

After using this Kiotos Deluxe Leather Collar with my partner I asked him what he thought. He replied with, “it’s one of the most comfortable ones we’ve used, especially as it was the first time we used it”.  I was also surprised to see that there was very little redness on his skin when I removed it.


Kiotos Deluxe Leather Collar Review

On the whole I would give this Kiotos Deluxe Leather Collar a 9/10. It only loses a point because of the two very minor flaws.  I’d recommend this collar as a good piece of equipment to have in a BDSM play kit, especially as a kinky starter piece.

– Mistress Pippa

Thanks to Pleasure Panel reviewer Mistress Pippa for this review of the Kiotos Deluxe Leather Collar.


This product was sent free of charge, in exchange for a fair and honest review by the Cara Sutra team.

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  1. I bought my collar from a dog collar company in Canada – old country leather. They make high end dog collars and have a lot of options I had mine done with my name on it. and funky colors. its very comfortable. the collar mention above looks comfortable too.

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