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1 out of 10

Kinx Twisted Smoke Butt Plug Set Review

By Pleasure Panel reviewer Wilf3564

I was sent the Kinx Twisted Smoke Butt Plug Set, free of charge in exchange for a full and frank review, by the lovely Cara Sutra as one of her Pleasure Panel testers. In this she generously (and very bravely) allows an unlettered plebeian like myself to actually post content on her wonderful website.

Kinx Twisted Smoke Butt Plug Set Review

First of all I must apologise for the tardiness of this review which was partially caused by the parcel initially being sent to the wrong address, where my Mother in Law opened a package that she thought was going to be a blood pressure monitor only to have a set of butt plugs and a vibrator drop out onto the table!!! Oh how we laughed…  (I must point out that this was a problem completely of my own making and nothing to do with Cara, who is renowned for her speedy, discreet and accurate posting of packages) Anyhoo! By the time things had been bundled back into boxes, discussed and eventually sent on to their rightful destination, I was already a week behind the other Pleasure Panel reviewers.

Once the, by now, slightly dishevelled box finally arrived at my door I was both relieved and excited to get at the contents and immediately whisked them upstairs for the grand opening.


The package contained 2 items this time around. The Kinx Twisted Smoke Butt Plug Set and my Cara Sutra VIP reviewer vibrator. Thank you for that Lovely Lady xx.

The Kinx Twisted Smoke Butt Plug Set was in quite a large box but then it is a set of 3 plugs! This is evident by the large coloured picture of the set on the front of the box and a graphic depiction, along with notes and sizing on the back. There is no ambiguity about what is in the box! Much to the Mother in Law’s disgust lol. (She probably needed the blood pressure monitor after all that.)

The box contains 3 x plugs ranging from 10cm in length and 7cm in girth to 13cm long and 13.5 in girth. They taper to quite a pronounced, if rounded point and have a set of angled ridges from about ¼ of the way down the body. They have a reasonably thin stem that leads onto a widely flaring suction cup base.

Kinx Twisted Smoke Butt Plug Set Review

On taking them out of the packaging they feel firm, rubbery and slightly grippy. They also smell quite strongly of chemical or curing rubber and, as the name would suggest, smokey! My hands also smelled after I’d put them down. Not the most auspicious start! I did a quick check of the packaging at this point and among the well labelled technical drawings, washing instructions and assurances that the Kinx Twisted Smoke Butt Plug Set is Latex and Phthalate free, is a small note that tells they are made of PVC.

On first sight the Kinx Twisted Smoke Butt Plug Set looks very interesting but once you think about them they start to become a little more problematic. If they are a butt plug then the wide, round suction cup will make wearing them a bit uncomfortable and if they are designed to be used on a surface with the suction cup then the longest of them is 13cm and the neck is flush to the cup. I don’t know about anyone else but if I use a suction cup device then there needs to be an allowance of about 4-5cm for the gap between the surface and my anus, caused by my buttocks and hip bones. I am reasonably slim and can imagine that a larger built person would need even more of a leader.  This only leaves 7-8cm of the large plug and 5-6cm of the small one to play with. Also, if you are going to use them as a suction cup device then (to me) this suggests a thrusting in and out set up and on feeling the ridges on the Kinx Twisted Smoke Butt Plug Set I was a little unsure of how wise that would be as they are quite rough and edged!

Kinx Twisted Smoke Butt Plug Set Review

Ok, to cut a long story short and to save you all the crappy comments, I will head straight to the conclusion.

After 3 separate attempts to use the Kinx Twisted Smoke Butt Plug Set I am afraid to say that I failed to enjoy any of them.

I hate to have to do this as I do not want to give a negative review, and they may be absolutely ideal for someone else but for me they were a resounding NO, and here is why;

For a start the smell is very off-putting and unpleasant and actually came off onto my hands.

Their shape is the standard for a butt plug but due to the suction cup they end up being neither one thing nor the other. The cup makes them strange to wear as a plug and they are too small to use as a dildo when they are stuck to something.

The ridges are not fit for purpose. If used as a plug then you can only feel them for a second as they go in and then they are too small to do anything once they are in. Conversely, they are rather angular and sharp edged, and when used as a (hand held) dildo they are akin to a cheese grater. I could only manage several thrusts before they became rather uncomfortable. Indeed, on the last try I decided to stop being a wuss and give them a proper go. My arse bled for the next 2 days!!

Those same ridges are magnets for the types of stuff you would expect to get on a butt plug and due to their shape they required a nail brush and a very thorough scrubbing to get them clean.

Now as you may know, I am no novice when it comes to anal toys and I enjoy a good pounding as much as anyone else. I am also no stranger to the pleasant, slightly bruised, feeling from a good session. However, the sensations I had after using the Kinx Twisted Smoke Butt Plug Set were far from the pleasant type. The bruised feeling was an unpleasant one caused by the slimmest plug which I found to have a very narrow and pointed tip which was very uncomfortable in the wrong position. Unfortunately, this meant that the others were now hitting the same place as well but I think that the extra length on them would probably give them the same effect.

If using the Kinx Twisted Smoke Butt Plug Set in their suction cup mode, then there simply is not enough toy there to do anything with. Even on the big one I could not get far enough down to be close to the thickest part of the plug let alone the neck.

Kinx Twisted Smoke Butt Plug Set Review

As already stated, if the Kinx Twisted Smoke Butt Plug Set are used as hand held dildos and thrusted, then they very quickly become uncomfortable, painful and if pushed can actually cause damage due to the way that the ridges have been made.

All in all, I am afraid that I cannot give the Kinx Twisted Smoke Butt Plug Set any more than a 1/10 and that is only because they look nice.


– Wilf3564

Thanks to Pleasure Panel reviewer Wilf3564 for this review of the Kinx Twisted Smoke Butt Plug Set (£19.95 from Simply Pleasure)

This anal sex toy set was sent free of charge, in exchange for a fair and honest review by the Pleasure Panel, by Simply Pleasure. Thank you! 🙂

Kinx Twisted Smoke Butt Plug Set Review

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Kinx Twisted Smoke Butt Plug Set Review

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