Kinx Sensational Seven Masturbation Sleeves Review

6 out of 10

Kinx Sensational Seven Masturbation Sleeves Review

By Kurosakikun

Kinx have delivered an interesting ‘universal’ add on for, I guess, any vibrator (with a shaft) that you have to hand and, also, with the addition of one slightly larger piece, to fit a penis!  The Kinx Sensational Seven Masturbation Sleeves come in one package with an array of super stretchy sleeves to slip tantalisingly over your favourite vibrator to add some extra texture where you may fancy it!



Kinx Sensational Seven Masturbation Sleeves Review

The Kinx Sensational Seven Masturbation Sleeves arrive in a simple box design, which on the front has some lovely glossy embossed pictures detailing each sleeve that you can choose.  The front is a little misleading as the pictures are significantly larger than the actual products inside.  After opening up, the sleeves inside are housed in their own separate compartments (or should be, every time I have opened the box they have been stuck to the cardboard sleeve!).  This obviously gives you a chance to choose your favourite and keep the rest safe and sound while not in use.

Made from TPE (Thermoplastic Elastomers), the Kinx Sensational Seven Masturbation Sleeves are really rather stretchy, which will be down to the plastic material being mixed with rubber.  TPE is generally porus, so I would advise only using water based lube with these sleeves and before use, make sure you clean them with soapy water as you won’t be able to sterilise them.

Kinx Sensational Seven Masturbation Sleeves Review

As I mentioned at the start of the review, the Kinx Sensational Seven Masturbation Sleeves main purpose is to add texture for varied stimulation to the shaft of a penis or vibrators.  In this pack of seven sleeves, one is larger than the rest.  The large size is 6.75cm long and has a girth of 7.75cm; the smaller six sleeves are 4.5cm and 7.75cm respectively.

Kinx Sensational Seven Masturbation Sleeves ReviewNow, the first thing I did after getting the sleeves was to try the largest one on the shaft of a penis, and after extensive testing, you will definitely need lubrication for using these as they are very tight.  After putting on the sleeve with the help of a dollop of water based lube, it acts like the tightest constriction I have used before.  If it was a cock ring I would be over the moon, but it’s just slightly uncomfortable as it covers a larger area than a ring would.  Unfortunately, due to being lubed up and other bodily fluids being present, the sleeve, although tight, moves towards the top of the penis and off when being used for penetration.  A real big mood killer having to retrieve it!  Using a condom over the top eliminates this problem but also takes away a lot of the texture sensation with the extra wall of material.  As an extra note, I would wholeheartedly advise anyone not to use these sleeves anally!

Instead of a penis, the largest and indeed the other smaller sizes of the Kinx Sensational Seven Masturbation Sleeves can be used on variety of vibrators as long as they have a length of available shaft/curve that will accommodate them, the super stretchy nature will allow them to manipulate themselves around a curve or any nubbins.

Kinx Sensational Seven Masturbation Sleeves Review

We only seem to have straight, bullet like vibrators in our bedroom which I did not realise until taking photos for this review!   The Kinx Sensational Seven Masturbation Sleeves, with some lube, slipped over these with little problem and look the part.  If you try not to use too much lube then they shouldn’t move on the vibrators too much (as long as you aren’t using them for insertion).

Kinx Sensational Seven Masturbation Sleeves Review

I have found that using the sleeves to stimulate external parts of the bodies while on smaller vibrators to be much more effective, they are great for foreplay, they add texture which can tease and tantalise your partner’s sensitive areas.  Plus with the TPE used, they are really soft and squishy with no hard edges anywhere, so they are perfect over the top of a vibrator that you might normally find too hard and ‘cold’.

We have a Motley Crew bullet which is a really hard plastic that with the large sleeve on becomes a gentler vibrator that can be used on the most sensitive of areas that would be off limits to such a tough vibrator.

One thing that would improve the sleeves for us would be the addition of closed ends on a few of the sleeves.  We often use our smaller bullet vibes exclusively for the pinpoint stimulation we can get from the tip, obviously with the open ends on all the Kinx Sensational Seven Masturbation Sleeves, there is no texture added to the tips!

Kinx Sensational Seven Masturbation Sleeves Review

One finished with, make sure to clean thoroughly with soapy water or a good quality sex toy cleaner and store the Kinx Sensational Seven Masturbation Sleeves separately and away from other sex toys.  You don’t want to open up your sex toy drawer and find them all stuck together and starting to break down!

I give the sleeves a 6 out of 10, I’ve marked them down as they seem to be made for added texture during penetration but can realistically and safely only be used externally.  Still as they are so universal, they can be used on a vast array of vibrators, or indeed, and sex toy that will accommodate them!  Also, £12.95 for seven sleeves, that’s only £1.85 each, now that’s a real bargain!


– Kurosakikun

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