Kinx Rippled Anal Teaser Review

8 out of 10

Kinx Rippled Anal Teaser Review

By Rossiebear

So we reviewed the Kinx Rippled Anal Teaser and we got off to a really disappointing start. The packaging looks like a cross between a medical instrument and an impulse buy from one of the end of the rows in IKEA. It is a very functional and informative box, it lists the dimensions and provides a naff diagram of what it looks like. I almost expected it to list the parts included and what type of screwdriver I would need to put it together.

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Kinx Rippled Anal Teaser Review

When I opened the box we were even further disappointed with regards to how the toy is packaged; high end toys come in a silk or satin bag, some mid range toys in a plastic tray holding it in place – this however was in a sealed plastic bag just loose in the box. (the same type of bag you get the screws in with IKEA furniture),  its packaged like a cheap supermarket chorizo which really lets it down.

The anal teaser is well made for what it is. It’s a basic shape with no moving parts, it feels solid and not likely to crack or split, because of the semi rigid design that the tip flexes around 2 inches and it’s a nice smooth finish although there were slightly unfinished edges where the 2 halves are stuck together in manufacturing and not cleaned off completely which makes it look a little cheap. The loop base provides a good grip even when covered with lubed.

From the picture I was expecting something like a rigid version of anal beads but this is more of a ribbed dildo but I guess that was my mistake from not looking closely at the pictures. The grooves are fairly shallow and didn’t think they would be significant enough to provide much stimulation. So we were genuinely surprised that the anal teaser turned out to really enjoyable! it does what it supposed to (no instructions needed!) and will definitely be used again.

Kinx Rippled Anal Teaser Review

The shape of this means it is very easy and quick to clean, there are no grooves or tricky crevices, which is a big bonus.

We’ve purchased this sort of sex toy before and found them to be good toys with a sense of fun. The anal teaser would be a good choice for people wanting to start experimenting with anal, unfortunately its really let down by the cheap packaging so because of that I’ve had to knock a couple of points off and give it an 8/10 (I was going to give it a 6/10 because I was so disappointed at my initial impression but my other half has since overruled me and said it needs to be an 8/10 so guess that means she liked it!)

– rossiebear

Thanks to Pleasure Panel reviewer rossiebear for this review of the Kinx Rippled Anal Teaser.

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This product was sent free of charge, in exchange for a fair and honest review by the Cara Sutra team.

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