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9 out of 10

Kinx Orgasma Textured Penis Sleeve Review

By Pleasure Panel reviewer JustStartingOut

First things first, I’d like to welcome you all and thank you for taking the time to read our first review for Cara Sutra and thank Cara herself for arranging this item (the Kinx Orgasma Textured Penis Sleeve) to be sent to us.

A little background on us, we are a married couple, have been together 18+ years are very much in love and open to trying (most) new things.

So, the Kinx Orgasma Textured Penis Sleeve.

First Impressions:

This looks to be a good quality product from the outset considering the reasonable price of £4.95. It is tastefully packaged and a simple cardboard box depicting the product and necessary information. Inside, the sleeve is sealed separately, obviously, for reasons of hygiene. The sleeve itself is clear, very flexible, strong, seems a little wider than some we have used in the past and, bears a slight resemblance to the “novelty” style condoms one may find, vending from a machine in a gentleman’s rest room. It should of course be noted that this is NOT a condom, nor is it to be used as a form of contraception, if you need to use extra protection while using this product, please do!

Kinx Orgasma Textured Penis Sleeve Review

In Use:

The Kinx Orgasma Textured Penis Sleeve is very, very stretchy, easy to put on to the most average erect penis with the addition of a good water based lubricant and doesn’t feel like it will tear or break in the process. Once on it doesn’t feel overtight or restrictive to the wearer and adds a little girth as well as the various nodules and textures to the outside. We would recommend that plenty of lubricant be applied to both parties before penetration, remember this is not a condom. Once in and a few gentle strokes to ensure everyone was comfortable the magic began. Oh. Yes. It. Did! I’ve never known my wife experience so much pleasure from such an inexpensive toy. The textures are enough to turn the quietest of lovers into a bucking, passionate and very vocal sex kitten!

Kinx Orgasma Textured Penis Sleeve Review

For the male, you do lose a little sensitivity but when your partner is making the sort of noises that mine was, you don’t really mind that too much. Plus, it allowed me to go on for longer. Win, win.

Now, we are no stranger to the world of sex toys, we are not writing this based on only having had this one item and having a new experience, we both have a pretty wide collection from cock rings to wands, dildos, to anal beads, vibes to male strokers but, for sheer value for money this is one of the best experiences – certainly the best “non powered” orgasm my wife has experienced (her own words).

The Kinx Orgasma Textured Penis Sleeve doesn’t have to be used exclusively with a penis, oh no, it can be used with a vibrator or dildo pending upon your preferences, we recommend dildo use for solo play as we found vibrator uses didn’t give the full thrill if you prefer your vibe in a single position over the thrusting of or riding of a dildo.  The sleeve is very flexible and should be compatible with most  toys, we had pretty much no issue in getting it over a dildo of 7 inch insertable length and 6 inch diameter.

In Conclusion:

We have used the Kinx Orgasma Textured Penis Sleeve a few times and in various ways now and in short for the price it is a very good value addition to a couples toy box. Yes there will be a few issues in the future, one would expect it to need replacing for reasons of hygiene in the short term but that shouldn’t be a huge reason in our minds, offset against what we have replaced and thrown out in dildos vibrators and the like over the years this is unlikely to make a huge hole in the purse once the need to replace comes around, and then there is that, price. This to me would make a great top up to an order if you are looking to qualify for free delivery. Where most online outlets offer free delivery on orders over £XX or for a price of usually around £3.95 (on average) if your order is under the minimum spend then this would make a perfect alternative to postage if you are a few pounds shy of target.

We would like to again thank both Cara and for the supply of the Kinx Orgasma Textured Penis Sleeve in exchange for this review.

– JustStartingOut

Thanks to Pleasure Panel reviewer JustStartingOut for this review of the Kinx Orgasma Textured Penis Sleeve (£4.95 from Simply Pleasure)

This product was sent free of charge, in exchange for a fair and honest review by the Pleasure Panel, by Simply Pleasure. Thank you! 🙂

Kinx Orgasma Textured Penis Sleeve Review

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Kinx Orgasma Textured Penis Sleeve Review

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