Kinx Onyx Silicone Anal Beads Review

10 out of 10

Kinx Onyx Silicone Anal Beads Review

Kinx Onyx Silicone Anal Beads review by Duke of Monroth

From the Duke:

Yes! Fully flexible silicone anal beads! We’ve been waiting for a chance to review this kind of product for quite a while and we weren’t disappointed.


The Kinx Onyx Silicone Anal Beads come packaged in a box that clearly identifies the product with both a picture and diagram of the beads. The box while giving a good approximation of the product isn’t perfect. The actual beads are a little bit larger than the picture on the package, but the written description with details on the package are accurate. Inside the box the beads are in a sealed plastic bag. Time to open up…

These beads feel great in the hand! They have a soft slightly matte finish which is great for holding water based lube. The Kinx Onyx Silicone Anal Beads weigh in at 2.25 ounces (62 grams). I would like them to have a little more heft…maybe that could be a future product?

Each bead is the same size, which the Duchess and I both liked. Graduated beads are nice for a beginner for easier insertion but smaller beads offer little to no sensation going in or out. The five beads are also equally spaced along the “string”. The “string” is about 8 inches long with a little more than an inch between individual beads. At the end is a loop to hold and tug when the time comes. It would be great if the loop at the end was a little bit thicker and more substantial to prevent accidents. I’m not interested in a trip to the ER so I kept the ring on my finger when we began to play.

I hoped the loop might be stretchy enough to maybe act as a cock ring, but no luck. The silicone is pretty firm. I feel like I should design my own toy…

So, anyway, time to get down to business! The Duchess was lubed and ready to go. With a silicone toy a water based lube is going to be your best bet, so we took out our reliable ID Glide and slathered the beads. As stated above, the matte finish is great for holding lube. As I inserted bead after bead the into the Duchess’ ass the beads folded and flexed their way into her ass. The wiggle of the flexy beads while being inserted requires a little bit of patience, but the folding and compressing of the beads as they enter is exquisite. After the beads were fully inserted I put my fingers into the vagina of the Duchess and through the vaginal wall I could feel the beads in her ass piled up like a car wreck.

As I felt the insides of the Duchess she cooed with pleasure. As I inserted my cock the added pressure of the beads felt outstanding. Now while fucking the Duchess doggy style I started popping the beads out one by one to her delight. I reinserted the beads and waited to withdraw them until the Duchess was about to orgasm. When she began to cum I pulled the beads out one by one while she moaned with pleasure.

This is a toy that we will definitely use again (and again). Actually we already have. They are awesome. Like other silicone toys they are easy to clean. We just throw it in the dishwasher on the top rack. They do collect dust easily as you can see in some of our pictures so store it in a plastic baggy when not in use if a little fuzz bothers you. We loved the Kinx Onyx Silicone Anal Beads! While I can imagine a few improvements these are great as is!


From the Duchess:

Love, love, love! Great size, great feel, great orgasm! I love ass play, and this was a great addition to our anal toys. They are easier to insert than most plugs but I get a similar full feeling once they are all inserted. But the real joy is when they are removed. I love the pop, pop, pop sensation. Each tug of a bead intensifies my orgasm.

I think we’ve already used these 3 times since we received them to review for the Pleasure Panel. The Kinx Onyx Silicone Anal Beads is one of my new favorite toys.


– Duke of Monroth

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Thanks to Pleasure Panel reviewer Duke of Monroth for this review of the Kinx Onyx Silicone Anal Beads


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