Kinx Classic Anal Balloon Inflatable Butt Plug Review

4 out of 10
Latex, PVC

Kinx Classic Anal Balloon Inflatable Butt Plug Review

By Wilf3564

I haven’t been able to participate in the Pleasure Panel for a while and so I was very pleased to see that there was a massive selection of toys that I coveted on the month I was able to dip my toe back into the water. It wasn’t long before I found I had been lucky enough to have been allocated the Kinx Classic Anal Balloon Inflatable Butt Plug that I had requested. #Happyboy



Kinx Classic Anal Balloon Inflatable Butt Plug Review

As usual Cara was the epitome of efficiency, and almost as soon as my request had hit her inbox the discreet, plain brown package dropped onto my doormat. (I’m sure she has some sort of Harry Potter stuff going on?) Unfortunately, excited as I was to jump straight in, it was half term and I had to be patient for a whole week before I could actually get my hands on the goodies. Lol

When I finally got to open the package, I was presented with a neat, purple box with a picture of the butt plug front and centre and proudly bearing the legend “Classic Anal Balloon” “Inflatable Anal Plug”.  Not exactly subtle packaging but, I’m assuming, if you were going to open it in front of people then you aren’t the shy, retiring type anyway.

The front of the box also claims that the butt plug is “slim and smooth” “adjustable size” and boasts a “quick release valve”. On the back there is a diagram of the assembled toy listing the parts and a note declaring that the butt plug is “Phthalate Free”, and let’s face it, this is a good thing to know! It also gives the dimensions of the toy (length – 9cm  girth – 3.25cm when flaccid and 13cm/32cm when fully pumped up) and informs me that it is made from both “Latex and PVC”. There are care/washing instructions as well and a brief medical warning about not using on swollen areas. 😊

Once out of the box the plug was secure in a sealed plastic bag so that I knew no one had tampered with it. Out of the bag the toy consisted of a 30cm length of plastic tube with a latex balloon glued onto one end and a non-return/quick release valve plugged into the other. There was also a rubber bulb for inflation. Whilst I wasn’t exactly expecting a premium level toy to drop out of the box (it only retails for £8.95 after all) I have to admit that I was a little disappointed with the look and feel of the butt plug. It reminded me very much of the toys I bought about 30 years ago, all hard plastic with sharp joints and brittle feeling parts.

This impression was upheld when I fitted the inflation bulb to the valve and tried to blow the plug up a bit. The bulb itself was really stiff and hard to squeeze. I work with my hands and lift heavy things on a regular basis, and if I found the bulb of the butt plug hard to squeeze then I guarantee that some people will find it almost impossible. Couple that with the fact that the inlet valve on the bulb leaked both ways, meaning that I had to put a finger over it when I squeezed in order to push the air into the non-return valve and not just out of the back of the bulb, and it made for a very difficult pumping action.

Thankfully the non-return valve and the balloon itself worked fine once I’d got the pumping action sorted and I got the balloon up to a diameter of about 10cm (4in) before pushing the release valve and watching the balloon immediately contract to its original flaccid size. Always a good thing to check as you don’t want a wedged or uncomfortably over inflated toy stuck where the sun-don’t-shine just because it has decided not to deflate.

Kinx Classic Anal Balloon Inflatable Butt Plug Review

So, on to the fun bit. I washed the Kinx Classic Anal Balloon Inflatable Butt Plug and smoothed a dollop of water-based lube onto the balloon (it purports to be latex so I played safe.) and inserted it into my fundament. As I mentioned before, it was a tricky job to inflate the balloon and this was made even more so by the position and having a smear of lube on the bulb, but I persevered and could feel the balloon responding inside me. Due to the somewhat cheap construction of the Kinx Classic Anal Balloon Inflatable Butt Plug I decided to take things slowly and stopped regularly to check that the balloon was not going to burst inside me or become detached from the end of the inflation tube. I am happy to report that neither of these things happened and I was able to get the balloon big enough that I actually felt uncomfortably full, and I am a man who has been known to enjoy the odd fisting! Thankfully the release valve did it’s bit well, and I was able to adjust the balloon up and down to create some interesting feelings. I couldn’t tell you how close I got to the full size of the balloon but I can say that it did fill all available space. Lol

After my session I made sure to give the butt plug a damn good cleaning with antibacterial soap and hot water as I am fairly sure that Latex can harbour bacteria and not cleaning it properly could lead to problems of infection etc. later.

I used the Kinx Classic Anal Balloon Inflatable Butt Plug several times over the next week or so and it continued to work well, apart from the issues with the bulb but by now I had got used to the technique needed and it wasn’t a problem.

I think that this butt plug is a “does what it says on the tin” type of toy and ideal for the beginner who wants to experiment with anal stretching but doesn’t want to spend too much on their 1st toy just in case. It was let down by its cheap look and feel. (but then it is a very cheap toy) Unfortunately even a cheap toy should work properly and the problem with the inlet valve on the bulb and the stiffness of the bulb itself, lost it more points.

Thank you Cara, for the chance to review this item. I will give the Kinx Classic Anal Balloon Inflatable Butt Plug a rating of 4/10.

– Wilf3564

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Thanks to Pleasure Panel reviewer Wilf3564 for this review of the Kinx Classic Anal Balloon Inflatable Butt Plug.


This product was sent free of charge, in exchange for a fair and honest review by the Cara Sutra team.

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