Kinx 4 Play Couples Kit – Pleasure Panel Review

7 out of 10

Kinx 4 Play Couples Kit Review

By Pleasure Panel reviewer Kinkalicious K

The Kinx 4 Play Couples Kit (Bullet Vibe With Attachments) comes in a rectangular box with a moulded plastic box holding 6 batteries, 1 bullet vibrator, 1 rabbit head attachment, 1 ribbed finger sheath attachment, 1 bobbly cock ring attachment and a butt plug attachment.  The attachments are made of a soft jelly like material [TPE] which is bright purpley/pink and is latex free (woo hoo)!

Kinx 4 Play Couples Kit (Bullet Vibe With Attachments) Review pleasure panel Kinx 4 Play Couples Kit (Bullet Vibe With Attachments) Review pleasure panel

As a latex allergist I usually stick to silicone for my toys because years back you’d find that latex and jelly toys were sometimes made in the same moulds and became cross contaminated. At the time I was advised to switch to silicone and I haven’t looked back since.  But I figured that the practice has to have been changed by now surely so decided to risk it (don’t worry I kept the antihistamines close, just in case!).

Kinx 4 Play Couples Kit (Bullet Vibe With Attachments) Review pleasure panel

First of all in the Kinx 4 Play Couples Kit there are two sets of 3 round batteries (enough to refill the vibrator twice) in the box, which was nice as you usually only get one set if you are lucky.  I found the vibrator to have a good buzz to it and when introduced to the attachments transferred really well to the edges of the toys.

Kinx 4 Play Couples Kit (Bullet Vibe With Attachments) Review pleasure panel

Conscious of my allergy I thought I’d start on the external toys rather than have a reaction after internal use!  Trust me on this, there are some places no one wants to itch! Just as I was about to get down to it though a crisis came up and reviewing got delayed to the next day.  And then the reason there were 2 sets of batteries came to light.  The vibrator gave off a lacklustre buzz.  Although it had been off overnight the batteries had pulled a drain and it was sufficient to leave the vibrator without much power. I switched them out and reminded myself to take batteries out after use.

Kinx 4 Play Couples Kit (Bullet Vibe With Attachments) Review pleasure panel

The jelly ears of the rabbit were very floppy. The only rigidity to the attachment was in about the face. This looked like fun but in practice I felt like it never really sat where I wanted it to. I have a similar couples kit in silicone and the rabbit head is a far more structured affair. I feel this is likely personal preference but for me I preferred that rigidity that was lacking in this jelly.

Kinx 4 Play Couples Kit (Bullet Vibe With Attachments) Review pleasure panel

Orgasms achieved I left more play to the next day and lo and behold… no adverse reactions!  Woo hoo. Now it was time to get seriously on about it. The finger sheath was next. The vibe had lost a lot of its charge just through use the previous day so I gave up in disgust and grabbed one of my own. And this is where the jelly material comes into its own. Lacking the rigidity of a silicone piece it can be stretched to fit the size needed. And so it gripped my other sized bullet vibe perfectly.

And this is where the conductive nature of the jelly came into its own. -purrrrs- It had all the vibratoryness of a bullet vibe but all the flexibility of a finger which meant my partner and myself could twist and shape it and add more fingers into it whilst delivering a hefty payload of buzz to all the hard to reach places and right on spot.  Was pretty damn fine and had me cracking big grins before this session was over. And quietly surprised after the poor start with the bunny.

Kinx 4 Play Couples Kit (Bullet Vibe With Attachments) Review pleasure panel

Next came the butt plug. Of all the toys in the Kinx 4 Play Couples Kit this holds the most rigidity.  As you’d expect!  It’s not too girthy or long and would good for those exploring the region for the first time. And most importantly it still conducts those vibrations like a dream!  We combined this with my bullet vibe and the non silicone lube and away we went.  Again I don’t have any complaints at all with this.  The rigidity of the attachment turned the buzz into a deeper rumbly buzz rather than a higher end buzz as it was on the less rigid bits which was very pleasant indeed.  I’d thought this piece would be my favourite due to that very fact and after trying three of the four pieces I was sure it now held the trophy but…

Oh. My. God. I’m impressed. Just impressed.  This attachment alone is worth the price of the pack!

Kinx 4 Play Couples Kit (Bullet Vibe With Attachments) Review pleasure panel

So, it’s the cock sheath/ring.  I say sheath and ring because it’s got a couple of inches on it in length and it covers more than your average ring.  This, I believe, is where the magic happens.  Have you ever thought when using a vibrating dildo, “I wish that penis’ were this vibratey?”  or  “If only my dildos could just hit all those spots so perfectly every time. Why don’t they have the flexibility of a penis?”  Well.  You just found it!  This is awesome!  Just awesome.  My partner is pretty damned skilled with the use of genitals and suddenly there was all that skill and ALL THE BUZZING!  It conducted the vibrations beautifully. I was in heaven.  My partner however was finding it mightily distracting. He suggested the vibrations were a little too strong so we shifted to a lower setting and he was much happier and I was still in heaven.

Overall I’m impressed with this Kinx 4 Play Couples Kit.  The bullet vibrator itself is rubbish and I’d combine it with your preferred bullet but it’d do the job if it was the only one you had.  Be prepared to buy a lot of batteries though.  The rabbit ears were fine, but not to my preference as I like a bit more rigidity in my clit stim toys. The finger sheath/cock ring/butt plug were an absolute dream and I’m so impressed with them.  I would not have bought this if I’d seen it on a shelf and that would have been a shame because actually it’s pretty damn good.

– Kinkalicious K

Thanks to Pleasure Panel reviewer Kinkalicious K for this guest review of the Kinx 4 Play Couples Kit (£29.95)

This sex toy was sent free of charge, in exchange for a fair and honest review by the Pleasure Panel, by Simply Pleasure.

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