Kinklab Leather Vampire Gloves Review | Spiky Fetish Gloves Review

10 out of 10

Kinklab Leather Vampire Gloves Review | Spiky Fetish Gloves Review

The Kinklab Leather Vampire Gloves are made from the most gorgeous, butter-soft black leather and in that way, they’re beautifully soft. These spiky fetish gloves are made from genuine sheep leather.

However, the palms of the Kinklab Leather Vampire Gloves are full of small protruding metal spikes, perfect for sensation play, sadism, anything your kinky wired imagination leads you to.

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Kinklab Leather Vampire Gloves Review | Spiky Fetish Gloves Review
Fastening with a popper on the inner wrist, simply slip on these gloves and you instantly feel in control. From the outside, you simply look like you are wearing classy leather gloves. Turn your hands over to reveal a palm full of perversion.

I have used these Kinklab Leather Vampire Gloves on my partner for sensation play, lightly trailing my hands over his body. I’ve also had them used on me and they feel both stimulating and scary at the same time. Perfect. You have to trust the wearer entirely, not to press too hard or make any sudden movements against your skin.

I have been asked in the past if anyone would spank with them on… I certainly wouldn’t recommend it unless you’re into your extreme and brutal BDSM.

The Kinklab Leather Vampire Gloves are certainly a ‘staple’ (groan) in my kinky collection. I find them very tactile and addictive, once you feel them you want to slip them on and keep them on. Run your hands over people… anyone. You have been warned!

I have the medium size of the Kinklab Leather Vampire Gloves and they are slightly loose on me, but on my partner they are ideal. My fingers are 3 inches measuring across them at the widest point of my hand. If you are a lady who doesn’t have large hands, get the size small. If you have tiny hands, get extra small. Makes sense really!

Kinklab Leather Vampire Gloves Review | Spiky Fetish Gloves Review

When I lay my leather glove flat it measures 4 inches across the front (not including thumb).

I love these spiky fetish gloves and as a bonus they’re also brilliant for picking up snowballs…

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  1. Oh I love these, I think they would be slightly loose on me but hey I wouldn’t be wearing them, its those spikes that make my heart beat a bit faster. Essential for snowballs my hands always hurt when I play with snow lol! A must have!
    Brilliant review

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