Kink Industries Red Intense Impact Cane Review

9 out of 10

Kink Industries Red Intense Impact Cane Review

In the latest round of sex toy reviewing for the ultra-sexy UberKinky I selected the Kink Industries Red Intense Impact Cane to provide a fair and honest review for. I love impact and punishment implements and I’m always looking for more to add to my collection.

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Approx measurements: overall length 24 inches, handle 5.8 inches, 17.8 inches

Kink Industries Red Intense Impact Cane ReviewThe Kink Industries Intense Impact Cane is available with either a red or black handle, I have the red one as it’s my favourite colour. The grip of the handle feels almost like rubber and has a shiny criss-cross pattern overlay. There is a leather loop permanently fastened around the handle, which gives you extra reassurance during use, or can be used to hang up the cane between uses.

The length of the cane is slender and cylindrical plastic, which causes the victim to suffer a very harsh, stinging lash across the bottom or back of the legs. I wouldn’t use this cane on any other area, as it’s what I would term a more extreme implement. There isn’t any lower or middle ground with this one; if you strike a subby with this cane it’s going to hurt!

This addition to my kinky toys collection is fun and an item I would use regularly. I do fear that as the length of the cane is plastic, I would be able to easily break it either through regular, vigorous use, or by squashing it in a bag or accidentally sitting on it against other things.

Spanking and caning are amongst my favourite punishment sessions to enjoy with submissives. At least, they tell me they enjoyed it, once they stop crying.  Easy to use and light enough to wield for everyone. If you need a new cane to thrash your submissive or slave with, try the Kink Industries Red Intense Impact Cane from UberKinky.

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