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10 out of 10

Kink Industries Intense Impact Cane Review

By Pleasure Panel reviewer Giles English

Kink Industries Intense Impact Cane

Short review: “Ouch! Holy Crap! Ouch! OMG!”

Yes, this thing stings like – Ouch!

I’ve been doing Femdom for something like three decades. I’ve been hit with all sorts of implements ranging from homemade scourges, through riding and dressage whips, to a gloriously crafted flogger from the legendary Fred Norman.

Nothing, however, stings like this.

We wanted something that hurt enough to get the flinch reaction each and every time. Corporal punishment needed to feel like punishment – that’s how our Female Led Relationship works and how I like it (because submissive and masochist, you either get it or you don’t).

So after a little research I ordered up this Kink Industries Intense Impact Cane from UberKinky.

It arrived in the usual anonymous package:

Kink Industries Intense Impact Cane Review Pleasure Panel-1

Nicely packed:

Kink Industries Intense Impact Cane Review Pleasure Panel-2

There were other “toys” in there as well – I’ll get to these in later reviews:

Kink Industries Intense Impact Cane Review Pleasure Panel-3

Kink Industries Intense Impact Cane Review Pleasure Panel-4

And here’s the cane (bottom) with one of Xena’s shoes and an old riding whip to give you a sense of scale:

Kink Industries Intense Impact Cane Review Pleasure Panel-5

No, the cane is not much to look at.  It’s short – a mere 2ft long – has a chunky rubber handle and a whippy shaft that’s like an elongated knitting needle.

And, no, it’s not an actual cane, but that’s the point. It’s much tougher and more flexible. The shaft has a seam near the handle, but that doesn’t seem to be an issue. It has a well-rounded tip, but you wouldn’t want to be hit in the eye with it. The handle is ergonomic and the balance feels just right.

It’s also really easy to swing and possible to produce excruciating pain with pinpoint accuracy.

I immediately experienced 45 lashes from this thing. Xena – my wife and domme – hit me on the shoulders, buttocks, flanks, upper arms and thighs.

She didn’t put much effort into it at all, but each and every strike made me flinch and whimper; no theatrics, just an animal reaction.

By the last ten strokes, I wanted it to stop, but was so deep in subspace that nothing on earth could have made me safeword out.

I woke the next morning with wild memories, but no marks. Despite the fearsome lashing I’d taken, Xena hadn’t broken my skin or even left a bruise. She pronounced herself satisfied with the new toy, and speculated about hitting me harder next time…

I think… I think that this cane is not a beginner’s toy.

It hurts way too much for an inexperienced sub/bottom, and it’s got too much potential to create dramatic marks and draw blood by accident in the hands of an inexperienced dominant/top who might then freak out.

However, if you like (or sort of like) your corporal punishment to feel like punishment, then this is the device for you!

– Giles English

Thanks to Pleasure Panel reviewer Giles English for this contributed review of the Kink Industries Intense Impact Cane (£19.99 from

This kinky punishment cane was bought from UberKinky by the reviewer. You can find more kinky sex toys here at UberKinky.

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