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5 out of 10

Just Glide Water Based Lube

Pleasure Panel review by Minxy Mischief

I’d like to thank Cara Sutra for sending me a 20ml tube of Just Glide Water Based Lube to test and review as part of the Pleasure Panel.

Just Glide Water Based Lube Pleasure Panel review at Cara Sutra

My tube of Just Glide Water Based Lube came in a 20ml tube with a screw off lid. It is a clear, water based, medical grade lube. The consistency is neither too thick or too runny. It really doesn’t have much of a smell to it. I also found that it really doesn’t have a taste to it either! The minimalist design on the water based lube tube would appeal to both men and woman. I’m thinking we are on to a winner here.

At first I thought I really like this Just Glide Water Based Lube, nice consistency, feels nice, slick too but that is where the good things ended for me. I found that it dried out really quickly. Within 2 or 3 minutes it had dried out and I had to reapply. I was really disappointed as it was ticking off all the boxes for me. It isn’t a bad lube and has lots of great points but it just doesn’t last for more than a couple of minutes. Having to reapply every couple of minutes was really killing the mood for me.

Just Glide Water Based Lube Pleasure Panel review at Cara Sutra

I tried the Just Glide Water Based Lube a few times and each time I had the same result. Unfortunately it won’t be staying on my bedside as it just doesn’t meet all my requirements. I don’t like to waste things, I have found another use for it! I did find it good for changing my jewellery in my piercings!

Pros: No smell, no taste.
Cons: Doesn’t last long.
Overall: The Just Glide Water Based Lube has lots of good points but the one bad point is a pretty big one. If only it was longer lasting it would be fantastic.

– Minxy Mischief

Thanks to Pleasure Panel reviewer Minxy Mischief for this guest review of the Just Glide Water Based Lube (£5.58 for a 200ml bottle on Amazon UK)

This bottle of water based lubricant was given as a free sample at the Erofame 2015 adult trade show in Hanover Germany.

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