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9 out of 10

Jovial Ultimate Silicone Anal Kit Review

Jovial Ultimate Silicone Anal Kit review by Duke of Monroth

The Duchess and I were lucky to receive the Jovial Ultimate Silicone Anal Kit which is available from It was like getting 4 toys in 1 so we’ll divide up the reviews separately; perhaps you can buy each item on its own. If not take the whole kit for a spin like we did. You won’t regret it!

The packaging displays the variety of toys nicely but once you get it home and opened up there is no reason to keep any of it. We took them out and were eager to play!

“Spare Tire” Cock Ring

First up from the Jovial Ultimate Silicone Anal Kit, what we’ve been calling the “spare tire” cock ring. Cock rings aren’t complex items to make or to use but this one was fun.

We’ve used cock rings in the past, whether they are the disposable single use Trojan brand rings (too soft and squishy) or really nice cock ring vibrator combos like the Desire Cock Ring that we reviewed on the Pleasure Panel a few months ago (still one of our favorites).

It is really all about the size and the stretchiness. The “spare tire” measures about 1.5 inches inside diameter and 2 inches outside. With a little bit of lube and some stretch the Duchess was able to slide this down the shaft of my cock. 1.5 inches was a little snug which really made the veins on my cock pop. The silicone was pliable, smooth to the touch and strong enough to hold tight. Definitely an item that we will use again. 9/10

Slim Plug & Silicone Beads

The next item in the Jovial Ultimate Silicone Anal Kit to review is the slim plug and silicone beads combo. Of the toys in this kit this was our least favorite, but if you are new to anal play this will definitely be your go-to toy.

The slim plug end is very easy to insert, but doesn’t offer that full sensation that makes anal toys so much fun. It is fun to see the beads protruding though, almost like a tail. The silicone beads themselves are nice; again, great for beginners. However for us the very gradual increase in size of each bead it a little too tame and maybe even a little too long.

The fun of beads is the insertion and eventual pop, pop, pop when removing them but the beads near the tip are just too small to give the great sensation you want from a bead. Again maybe a beginner would be happy with this but it’s just a little too small. Additionally the length of the beads with the lack of girth starts to feel a little pokey when all the way inserted.

For us this is a toy for the box under the bed, not the night stand. 6/10

Tail Plug

After not being fully satisfied (pun intended) with the slim plug and bead combo we reached for the tail plug from the Jovial Ultimate Silicone Anal Kit.

This is an anal toy that will make you squeal with delight. Anal plugs with tails can be a lot of fun and this one was just right for the Duchess. The last time we reviewed a tail plug for the Pleasure Panel the Duchess shirked in terror at the size of the Titus Silicone Series Puppy Tail Butt Plug Medium but seeing the size and shape of the tail plug included in the Jovial Ultimate Silicone Anal Kit she was more than game!

The insertable plug portion of the tail plug was very reminiscent of the Bondara Velvet Touch Silicone Vibrating Butt Plug we reviewed. We loved the shape of that plug but not the electronics. This is just a plug with 2 perfectly sized bulbs and as a plug it excels!

Like the bigger Titus plug mentioned above there is a lot of fun to be had wagging your tail and tugging it. And I must add it gives a great visual while doing doggy style. 10/10

The “Screw”/Twisted Plug

After 3 toys reviewed it was time to get really screwed. The largest of the toys included in the Jovial Ultimate Silicone Anal Kit was what we called the “screw” or what Jovial calls the twisted plug.

This plug is about six inches in length, a little bit flexy, and has the same silky smooth silicone finish as the other toys in this kit. The first 2 inches of the plug are smooth and tapered and really a great shape and softness for warming up an anus for further play.

The Duchess loved the tip but wasn’t really ready for the rather increased size where the plug begins to twist. We really couldn’t figure out the logic of this toy. Were we supposed to screw it in deeper? It didn’t really work that way.

First of all, once it is inside your partner’s ass it gets really confusing which way to turn it if you were trying to screw it in. And if you have it in your own ass you can forget about trying to figure it out. It turns out (again no pun intended) after the Duchess gave up on inserting the whole length of this toy it was left to me. While we couldn’t figure out the ridges of the screw, those ridges work really well at holding lube on to the toy for insertion. After loading it up with ID Glide water based lube it was actually pretty easy to insert.

The silicone of this toy is like mentioned above, somewhat soft and flexible so it has a little give when pushing in. Once in this toy is a great length. When moving it around the bulbed out ridges massaged my prostate to my delight. This plug will definitely get a spot in the nightstand and the Duchess is eager to give it another try. 9/10

In Summary

All in all the Jovial Ultimate Silicone Anal Kit is a great set with lots of fun, creative toys. If someone is new to or interested in anal play and is looking to find just the right toy this is a great place to start. It is a great price and a good variety of sizes and sensations to explore. The silicone is soft and like all silicone super easy to clean. You can work your way up from small beads to a slim plug to a tail that is sublime and then the big screw! And don’t forget the spare tire!

Overall 9/10

– Duke of Monroth

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Thanks to Pleasure Panel reviewer Duke of Monroth for this review of the Jovial Ultimate Silicone Anal Kit.

Jovial Ultimate Silicone Anal Kit Review

The Jovial Ultimate Silicone Anal Kit was sent free of charge, in exchange for a fair and honest review by the Pleasure Panel, by Bondara. Thank you! 🙂

Jovial Ultimate Silicone Anal Kit Review

Jovial Ultimate Silicone Anal Kit Review

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