Intimate Encounters Creative Date Night Idea Pack Review

7 out of 10

Intimate Encounters Creative Date Night Idea Pack Review

By Tim Cash

My girlfriend and I have been together for pretty much ten years. At this point in the relationship, finding new and exciting things to do together gets harder and harder. When the Intimate Encounters Creative Date Night Idea Pack appeared for Cara Sutra’s Pleasure Panel, we thought that it could be fun to give it a go, hopefully finding some new ways to spend time together.


Intimate Encounters Creative Date Night Idea Pack Review

The date night ideas are packaged in a simple plastic cylinder. The Intimate Encounters Creative Date Night Idea Pack packaging is rather cliched, featuring candles, hearts, and pink and blue colouring. It gives a few glimpses of the date night ideas inside, but not much more. It took us a while to realise that the basic instructions were on the base of the tube. As per the instructions, we transferred the cardboard sticks to an ornamental jug that we had already. You could use the tube that they came in, but the jug looked better, and made it easier to reach in to pick out a stick.

The basic idea is, when you need some inspiration for some romantic time together, pick out one of the cardboard sticks with your significant other, and read the two date ideas. Between the two of you, you decide which of the two ideas will be your next date!

What the instructions don’t say is that some date ideas you won’t be able to do immediately. Some things you will need to book in advance for, or may not be possible for a night time date. As we live in a small town, a lot of the ideas we would need to travel quite far for, and likely stay in a hotel. For example, one stick gives the options of either ‘go salsa dancing’ or ‘win each other stuffed animals doing amusement park type contests’. We would either need to find a salsa class, which would mean travelling to somewhere larger about 10 miles away, or travel 30-odd miles to an amusement park. Either would be good fun, but they could not be done on impulse.

Intimate Encounters Creative Date Night Idea Pack Review

They are made in China, though a few of the sticks suggest that they are aimed at an American audience. An example of this is ‘eat edibles together’. While this might be possible in various states in the USA, it is illegal here, and rather difficult to purchase.

We have used them a couple of times. The first time we got ‘movie night in with HER selecting a movie HE would enjoy’ or ‘he offers her a sensual massage’. Neither ideas were particularly novel, but we did have a good evening doing both. Not quite in the rules, but a fun time nonetheless.

The second one was ‘share some wine while reviewing photos of yourselves as a couple’ or ‘go horseback riding’. As we have no horse riding places near us, our choices were limited but we had a nice time involving wine and photos!


This is a nice little item to help you keep the romance alive, but unless you are based in a large city, quite a few suggestions will not be accomplished easily. We recommend it, but will possibly not be able to follow through with every pick where we are.


– Tim Cash

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