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9 out of 10

iKamaSutra App by SutraTaps for Apple iOS Review

iKamaSutra App review by Married2Sexy

My wife and I are board gamers and love to go head to head to see who creates the best farm, manage their resources the best, or can conquer the most territory.  So why would I not try to gamify the bedroom fun.  Years ago, prior to technology becoming ambiguous, we purchased our share of adult themed games.  But now with smart phones and other devices as common place, I went looking for apps that can be used in the bedroom.  Searching in the app store, brings up way too many choices.  Many of them are bad cheap money grabs, but every so often you find one that has some meat to it.  The iKamaSutra App is one of those that stand out.

Opening up the iKama Sutra App, you are greeted with a nice deep red background with golden text.  Simple and classy.  The top left shows the option gear, leading you to the “Love Store,” password lock, background music, feedback links, and finally, the company social media links.  The background music is on/off selection.  The music is middle-eastern meditation music, which you would expect, but I leave this turned off.  The passcode option lets you create a four-digit password to keep out prying eyes.  I had this on at one point, but decided to hide the app deep within a folder instead.  Finally, the store provides you with options to buy more positions.  You receive 80 positions when you purchase the app and have the option to buy themed sets for $1.99.  These sets provide you with 30 more new positions to explore.  Scrolling down provides you an option to buy challenges beyond the included “80 ideas to ignite the flame.”  For $0.99, you can add a set of “202 unique places to make love” or “65 achievements to conquer.”  Warning, if you delete the app, you can restore purchases, but your history is not backed up.

iKamaSutra App by SutraTaps for Apple iOS Review

Back on the main screen, the top right icon provides you with a bar graph breakdown of your accomplishments in the position department.  You receive your overall percent total (of your free or purchased positions), along with a categorical breakdown.  This information is in theory exportable, through the normal iOS channels, but unfortunately this kept crashing on me.  Closing all my open apps and reopening the iKamaSutra app did not work.  Overall though, not something I will use.

With those two icons out of the way, the main menu is a short scrolling list, with three main headers: General, Filters, and Challenges.  General is then broken down into: All, Favorite, To do, and Random.  Selecting “All,” is a complete list of all the purchased positions in alphabetical order.  At the top of all the menus are three filters: All, Untried, and Tried.  Selecting a position brings up a two toned picture depicting the act, along with why this position is goodand a description of how to accomplish it.  Below this is 3 selectable buttons to add them to your “Tried,” “Favorite,” and “To do” lists.  A top right icon allows you to write personal notes, which adds them to the end of the description box or share the position.  The personal note feature works, but the share but once again crashed the app.  Tapping on the top left back button, goes back one screen.  Back to the main menu, the selecting “Favorite” will display only your favorited positions, while “To do” will filter out your positions you marked as such.  Finally, “Random” will take you to a random app selected position screen.

Under the “Filter” list, begins what I love about the app and the ability to gamify the bedroom fun.  Each of the options (Categories, By Desire, By Movie, Today’s) provides you ways to select a position based on your “flavor of the day.”  Selecting “Categories” displays you with a list based on what the position falls under.  You want to see only “cowgirl” positions, select cowgirl, or how about “Doggy” or “Face to Face.”  Then there is “Exotic,” with fun names like Big Dipper, Bumped Cars, and Overpass.  One thing you will notice is that if a position falls under multiple categories they will be listed in both, along with a checkmark if you have tried it.  The only thing missing is iconography indicating if you have added it to your favorites or to do list.  This is visible only if you select the position.

iKamaSutra App by SutraTaps for Apple iOS Review

“By Desire” give you three sliders (Intimacy, Complexity, and Strength) to help select a list of positions to try.  Moving all the sliders to the right most side gives you the Feedbag position, while all the way to the left, gives you a list that scrolls for a while.  “By Movie,” is probably the most creative option, because it provides a list of 42 movies and all the positions they used in the movie.  They range from 9&1/2 Weeks, Knocked Up, Basic Instinct, and of course, Team America.   If you notice them greyed out, you are missing some of the position packages, so in order to see them you would have to buy the position pack before proceeding.  Lastly under filters is “Today’s,” which like Random, gives you a position to try.

The final list is “Challenges,” which houses “Ideas,” “Places,” and “Achievements.”  Ideas provides you with ideas for romancing.  They are cute and sweet, but some will cost you some money to pull off.  I am not taking off for these, but I find many of them to be common sense, particularly if you have any bit of romancing in your bones.  Places provide you suggestions on were to enjoy each other.  The app only provides “Home” suggestions, so you will (which I have not) dish out $0.99 to get them all.  Some are creative, but others are dependent on what furniture you have.  I wonder if one would ever get 100% under the Home category.  Lastly, Achievements is NOT included with the base purchase.  Only costing $0.99, I did purchase this extra.  They are categorized as Romantic, Roleplay, Location, and Intimate.  These are similar to ideas, but include more sexual activities.  It was $0.99, but I cannot say I would recommend buying it.

Overall, I really like the iKama Sutra App, even without adding any in app purchases.  It is simple to use and the color palette is a great choice.  The positions are well illustrated and the descriptions are sometimes humorous.  It doesn’t gamify as much as the adult board games do, but it does have it throughout.  Will I ever get 100%, nope, but darn it I am going to try!


– Married2Sexy

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Thanks to Pleasure Panel reviewer Married2Sexy for this contributed review of the iKamaSutra App by SutraTaps for Apple iOS.
Also available on Google Play here.

iKamaSutra App by SutraTaps for Apple iOS Review

iKamaSutra App by SutraTaps for Apple iOS Review

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