ID Glide Water Based Lube & Give Lube Silicone Lube Comparison Review

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ID Glide Water Based Lube & Give Lube Silicone Lube Comparison Review

By Pleasure Panel reviewer edn

ID Glide Water Based Lube & Give Lube Silicone Lube Comparison Review: Lube is one of the great unsung heroes of the sexual toy-box. A good lube can be the difference between pleasure and pain. (And you at the back who’s ears just perked up I’m talking about non-fun pain!) With most people, sexual lubricant seems to be an afterthought -but it’s really worth putting some time into choosing the right one, or ones.


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Your basic choice comes down to either water based or silicone based and the one you pick is largely dictated by what you will use it for.  There are some hybrid lubes out there but for the sake of this review I’m sticking to the two main flavours. Water based lubes are pretty much go anywhere, do anything but they can be sticky and dry out in use. Silicone based lubes are more like an oil so give you a nice bit if slip and slide without having to use it by the bucket.

Rather than just talk generally about lubes I’m going to look at two samples and compare them. In the water based corner I have ID Glide Natural Feel Lube and in the silicone corner I have Give Lube Silicone Lube. So let’s get started.

 Comparing Water Based and Silicone Lubes

ID Glide Natural Feel Water Based Lube (8/10)

ID Glide Water Based Lube & Give Lube Silicone Lube Comparison Review


Give Lube Silicone Lube (8/10)

ID Glide Water Based Lube & Give Lube Silicone Lube Comparison Review


Both lubes come in small handy packages with flip top lids. Flip top lids are a bit of a love or loathe feature; they do mean that you can open and apply the lube with one hand but they aren’t as secure as screw tops if you are carrying them. Probably best to put them in a Ziploc if you are travelling to be safe. The Give Lube container is a very sleek black tube that you really wouldn’t mind having out on your bedside table where the ID Glide Natural Feel Lube is a pretty bog standard clear toiletries style tube. For my money Give Lube wins on packaging front.

ID Glide Water Based Lube & Give Lube Silicone Lube Comparison Review

Texture & Feel: 

If you’re used to last minute lubes from the supermarket then you’ll find both of these much less viscous than the likes of KY so be careful on first application or you’ll end up bathing in the stuff. The Give Lube Silicone+ is the less viscous of the two, reminding me very much of baby oil in texture.

In use I found it excellent, you only need a thin sheen to provide lubrication so it doesn’t interfere with sensation and is pretty much instantly at body temperature. The ID Glide Natural Feel Lube is a little more like a standard jelly lube (though still very easy to overdose on) and needs to be used in a thicker layer to give you lubrication which leaves everything feeling just a bit cold and wet. Not enough to spoil the fun but enough to be noticeable. I tried pre-warming the lube but it still retained that slightly cold clammy feeling. Another win to Give Lube.

Use with toys:

All my toys are silicone so Give Lube isn’t even in the running here. Many toys are made from silicone as it’s pretty much an ideal material; inert, non porous, phthalate (and other nasties) free and easy to clean. You may not be able to use your favourite silicone lube with them but that’s a small price to pay to avoid the potential problems of jelly toys. Chalk up a first win tothe ID Glide Natural Feel Lube.

ID Glide Water Based Lube & Give Lube Silicone Lube Comparison Review

Collateral damage:

Both lubes are pretty liquid so have a tendency to drip and smear. With the ID Glide Natural Feel Lube this isn’t really a problem; it’s water based, dries quickly and is easy to clean up. Give Lube is a bit more problematic. One of the virtues of silicone lube is that it doesn’t dry up in use but that does mean that when it gets onto a surface, particularly a non porous one, you are left with a long lasting greasy slick. This is particularly noticeable with that lovely black tube which soon becomes so slippery that handling it is a little like trying to grab a bar of soap in the bath. Another win for ID Glide Natural Feel Lube.

So we’re down to two wins apiece and I should come up with a tie breaker but you know what, I’m not going to. Both are really good products and both are going to have a long term niche in my toy-box. You probably have multiple toys for different things – vibrators and butt plugs and cock-rings oh my – so why not different lubes for different purposes? If I use a silicone toy I’ll use the ID Glide Natural Feel Lube – for everything else I’ll use the Give Lube Silicone+. They are both really good lubes and a good lube can be the difference between OK and WOW so I would urge you to give both a try.

– edn

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Thanks to Pleasure Panel reviewer edn for this comparison review of the ID Glide Water Based Lube & Give Lube Silicone Lube.


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