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I Want You, Message One from Mr V – Audio Erotica Review

By Pleasure Panel reviewer Delilahxx

I Want You, Message One from Mr V – Audio Erotica Review (available from Amazon.com and Amazon UK)

When I saw there was an erotic audio book up for review I jumped at the chance. I thought it might be exciting laying there listening to some erotica and playing at the same time. Easier than trying to hold a book or tablet while playing, I’d have both hands free! Unfortunately that wasn’t what happened at all. And I’d go as far to say I’d be unlikely to recommend an erotic audio book to anyone.

I Want You, Message One from Mr V - Audio Erotica ReviewAs soon as the audio book, plus an excerpt of the second book arrived in my emails I downloaded them immediately. Of course I had to listen to some straight away, and that is where the problem started.

The male voice was wrong, just all wrong in every way for me. His voice was deep enough for my liking, he had a foreign accent I couldn’t quite place that was neither a turn on or a turn off. But the biggest problem was he sounded so gay. Not a turn on for a heterosexual woman listening to a heterosexual audio book.

The second problem was he was talking straight at me telling me what he was going to do to me. Maybe I should have guessed that from the title of the book ‘I Want You’. But honestly I had assumed that I Want You, Message One from Mr V would be an actual story read to me.

On my first sitting I managed to listen to 5 minutes of the 21 minute long audio. I was cringing the entire way through. I really wasn’t looking forward to listening to the whole erotic audio book, but of course had to, to be able to write this review. Unfortunately I spent the entire time wishing I was doing anything else except listening to this.

Once he starts talking there are big pauses between some words, I assume to build the tension. But as this starts right at the beginning of the book it just doesn’t work. The tension hasn’t been built up first. Listening to him speaking I drifted off thinking his voice was quite creepy and could work well in a horror film. I guess if that’s your kind of thing then his voice might work for you.

Obviously listening to this is supposed to turn you on or at the very least be enjoyable to listen to. But hearing him talking to ‘me’ telling me what he wants to do I couldn’t even try to imagine him doing these things. It was a total turn off. At some point there were kissing noises that made me cringe so much.

If the voice was a turn on for me it might have been more enjoyable as I could have imagined his face and made it suit my fantasy. But even then I’m not sure it would have worked. The words he uses and how he explains what he’s going to do were such a turn off. It just didn’t work for me in any way.  I whole time I listened my face probably looked like I’d smelt something bad.

He asked me to imagine his face, what he’s wearing and how he smells. As he sounds like he’d be more attracted to men this really didn’t work. He told me he’d be doing ‘naughty and dirty’ things to me. Just yuck! This might be someone’s ultimate turn on, but it’s not mine.

I Want You, Message One from Mr V actually made me laugh in places because it sounded so awful, what he was describing. He tried to be teasing, he tried to build up the tension. Was I turned on at any time? Maybe a 1/10.

There were essences of BDSM. Pulling hair, holding hands above my head, fucking rough and fast. He told me he was licking up and down, over and over in trying to explain how he was licking my pussy! A million times no. He said things like ‘not letting you cum’, ‘do whatever I want with you’, ‘ good and obedient girl’.

It’s not only the voice that needs to fit, but the words need to be a turn on too. There might be someone this works for but that person certainly isn’t me. I wouldn’t recommend this at all. Sorry! I’m giving this 1/10 and that is being generous.

I did receive an excerpt of the second book that follows on directly from this but I couldn’t bear to listen to it.

Thanks to Cara for sending me I Want You, Message One from Mr V to review, although in hindsight it might have been better if someone else had got it.


– Delilahxx

Where To Buy

Thanks to Pleasure Panel reviewer Delilahxx for this review of this audio erotica, I Want You, Message One from Mr V. You can buy it from Amazon.com and Amazon UK)

I Want You, Message One from Mr V was provided free of charge, in exchange for a fair and honest review by the Pleasure Panel, from Mr V.

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