House of Plume Moi Box Deluxe Sex Toys Storage Review by Cara Sutra

9 out of 10

House of Plume Moi Box Deluxe Sex Toys Storage Review

by Cara Sutra

Sex toys storage can range from simply the box it arrived in, through to the pouch you got with the toy if you’re lucky, all the way up to purpose-made zip-up bags and either soft or hard cases for the avid toy fan. As manufacturers have come to realise that people want to store their sex toys for purposes of discretion as well as tidiness, the best sex toy storage options are lockable as well as pretty but discreet.

Looking for sex toys storage which can meet the needs of even the pickiest of sex toy users and sex accessory lovers?
In my opinion the House of Plume Moi Box Deluxe is a brilliant choice. Sure, I can’t fit all my sex toys in the Moi Box Deluxe or included mini case – I’m holding out for a garden shed sized version for my personal, unusual needs.

The House of Plume Moi Box Deluxe was sent to me free of charge in exchange for this fair and honest review, directly from House of Plume. That’s not entirely true. It was sent to me for a review – and would usually have been added to the collection of products I arrange to send out to guest reviewers in the Pleasure Panel every month. Once I actually unwrapped the discreet, safely packaged parcel however, I knew I had to have this for myself. Sorry panel! The Moi Box Deluxe has a special place beside the bed where it houses several sex toys from my collection – and looks pretty cool while it’s sat there, too.

My House of Plume Moi Box Deluxe is a beautiful deep plum/aubergine colour (described on the website as Eggplant), and although it’s also available in black I think I much prefer this purple option. It’s ‘Je Joue’ purple – sex toy fans, you’ll know exactly what I mean by that.

Each step in my exploration of my new House of Plume Moi Box Deluxe revealed another thoughtful facet. Here’s a few of my favourites:

House of Plume Moi Box Deluxe Sex Toys Storage Review by Cara Sutra-19 House of Plume Moi Box Deluxe Sex Toys Storage Review by Cara Sutra-29

The box fastens with a soft leather strap over a metal ring, through which you lock the box with the included combination padlock. Or, you can use another type of clip fastening if you don’t need to lock your Moi Box – a trigger clip or carabiner would be my appropriate choice.

You get two sex toys storage options with the House of Plume Moi Box Deluxe – the main, hard box with easy-lift lid and a soft, zip up case which can be used elsewhere in the house or accompany you on travels. Ideal for packing small sex toy favourites for a dirty weekend away. You can pack some spare bullet vibrators, batteries, a classic vibe or rabbit as well as a stash of lube sachets and condoms so you’re never without your sex essentials. It’s also a brilliant cosmetics/beauty essentials case.

Where the lid meets the box at the back of the Moi Box Deluxe you will notice there’s a gap. This is deliberate, and really rather brilliant. No, it’s not so your sex toys don’t suffocate in the darkness. It’s so you can charge your sex toys super discreetly. Feed the charging lead through the gap and plug it into your sex toy stored in the box. Lock the box at the front and voilà! You’re charging up your sex toys and no-one but you needs to know what’s in the box.

I can fit a surprising amount of sex toys in both the hard feel box and the soft zip up case. I have a LOT of sex toys and it took me digging deep into my collection to fill both up enough for the photographs you can see in this review. With a combination of rabbits, vibrators, dildos and butt plugs I can fit 12 sex toys in each storage option. It would be silly (and probably impossible) to give you every combination of sex toys I can fit into the box and case, but I hope the photos give you some idea of the sex toys storage space you get with the House of Plume Moi Box Deluxe.

I am struggling to think of any real negatives to the House of Plume Moi Box Deluxe, but if absolutely squeezed for an improvement idea I’d say some side handles. When the box is full of sex toys it’s quite hard to comfortably lift and move around. Easily solved by not moving it round often, I guess!

house of plume moi box deluxe sex toys storage review cara sutra Insta

Ok, so here’s the not so brilliant bit – the House of Plume Moi Box Deluxe isn’t super cheap. Come on, did you really expect such awesome sex toys storage to cost pennies? The Moi Box Deluxe costs US $99.99 which at today’s rates converts to approx £71.

You can buy your House of Plume Moi Box Deluxe here at

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