House of Eros Mini Brown Swirl Collar Review (Lace Up; Small Size)

5 out of 10

House of Eros Mini Brown Swirl Collar Review

By Pleasure Panel reviewer Minxy Mischief

I would like to thank Cara Sutra for sending me the House of Eros Mini Brown Swirl Collar (available from free of charge for me to test and review as part of the Pleasure Panel.

Being a part of the fetish scene I had heard of House of Eros but hadn’t had any experience of any of their products and was looking forward to receiving the collar. Also being into kitten play I was excited to have a new collar to add to my collection. I have quite a small neck, almost 14 inches and getting a nice fitting collar isn’t always easy. When I saw that this collar was designed for smaller necks I was pleased to see that House of Eros had taken smaller necks into consideration and thought it would be ideal for me.

On receiving the House of Eros Mini Brown Swirl Collar I could tell straight away that it was much smaller than most regular collars. The collar came in a see through, sealed pack. Right away even before opening the packet I was in love the rich browns, reds and oranges. Upon opening the packet is when the disappointment started. I was expecting the collar to be made of much softer leather but it’s quite hard, stiff and not very supple at all. It feels rough in places, especially on the inside. On either end of the collar is a sturdy metal eyelet. I was very surprised to find a brown shoelace attached to one end. This is what you use to fasten the collar. I was very disappointed at this and it brought the whole style crashing down. It made it look cheap and nasty and like it had been thrown together without much thought. A simple piece of leather or suede cord would have been ideal and would have suited the style so much better. In the middle of the collar is quite a sturdy swivel D ring. The size is in keeping with the collar and big enough to attach a leash or pass some rope through. It seems quite good quality. I can’t help but feel that this collar could have been so much nicer if only a little thought had gone into it. It has some lovely elements but the shoelace and the roughness of the leather really let it down.

The main leather part of the House of Eros Mini Brown Swirl Collar measures 10 inches and 1 3/4 inches at the widest part. The shoelace approximately 30 inches. You simply pass the lace through the other eyelet and tie off how you please. The collar is the most fiddly collar I have to put on. Both my partner and I tried a couple of different ways to tie the collar. Quite often once you tied the collar it felt loose and had to be retied. Not exactly what you want in the middle of a play session. Once you do get a tie to suit you it is comfortable enough but as i mentioned earlier the inside is a little rough which puts me off wearing it for any length of time. I don’t think this collar will be 1st choice to wear very often.

I’m hoping that I will be able to soften the inside of the collar with some Dubbing and have swapped the brown shoelace with a length of brown leather cord and already it looks so much nicer. The House of Eros Mini Brown Swirl Collar has some lovely key elements, the design, colours and the hardware but the downsides like the shoelace and roughness of the inside really bring it down.

I really love the idea and basic design minus the lace but I can’t give the House of Eros Mini Brown Swirl Collar any more than a 5.5/10.

House of Eros, must try harder.

Pros – lovely key elements.
Cons – shoelace tie and rough on the inside.
Overall – nice original design but must try harder.

– Minxy Mischief

Thanks to Pleasure Panel reviewer Minxy Mischief for this review of the House of Eros Mini Brown Swirl Collar (buy from AmazingO for £25.99)

This BDSM collar was sent free of charge, in exchange for a fair and honest review by the Pleasure Panel, by Thank you! 🙂


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